There’s a way to participate in infinity and a way to limit yourself to what your know already. You know that Jesus loves you unconditionally. The issue is, do your love Him in the same way?

What would you do if you had given your life totally to Jesus; you had decided to follow Him wherever He led; your following Him was unconditional, not partial. Your following meant abandoning any teaching that was non-Biblical and non-Christian; your following meant that you had brought your ideas and the ideas of those you grew up with and went to church with to the cross and the laid them down - laid them there with yourself and all that might be considered as you. You did this in exchange for the revelation and the ever expanding revelation of unlimited fullness in Christ?

What would you do if you had already decided that you would not walk in a daze and not anesthetize yourself in any rationalization, any conceit that would lessen who Christ is for you and yours; that you would deny all that would make Him smaller or reduce Him to the understanding of a particular group or ‘other gospel?’ What would you do if your came to realize that the teachings of your tradition where not just some legitimate perspective on some aspect of Christianity. But that your denomination or sect had undone the gospel of the Kingdom, exchanged the Christ for the law and pet distinctives and perpetuated a body of death in the name of hope and life?

What if you had to admit that in fact the christ you had known, the Jesus of Desire of Ages was a lesser christ, a false christ - not the Christ of God but a minor christ who is subservient to the law and therefore not God. And not the Christ of God who is one with the Father and the exact expression of His being?

What would you do? Repent of shuffle phlegmatically onwards. Would you plod on ignoring the new covenant and passing over its real meaning because, innately you knew that if your understood it and adopted it as your own, the foundation of your church and its teaching would be entirely undone. Your denomination would be kaput and you would be denied the comfort and imagined status you imagined in the special identity your find in your church? Would you continue in what you had discovered was a cleverly designed fable? Would you cling to the identity and uniqueness you thought you had as a member of your sect? Or would your repent of this ‘other gospel’ and find your real identity in the person of Jesus?