It boggles the mind that there is a Person who is life itself. This is entirely mad in the natural but conclusively real in the spiritual. ‘In Him all things hold together.’ How cool is it that the One in whom all that is finds its meaning and function is also our Lord, Elder Brother, King and a human being; a human being who rejoices with Father and Holy Spirit in the God called the Trinity? How wonderful that this heavenly family lives in us.

‘Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV.

In my days of elementary Christianity, I believed that I needed to deal with every sin as I committed it. At times I was quite busy annulling the guilt I momentarily experienced from giving cheek to my Mum or using bad language when something went wrong. I felt I needed a clean slate so as not to miss out on heaven. What if heaven should decide to return at that moment in the clouds with every eye seeing Him - and seeing me as I did not want to be seen.

Today I still believe that Jesus deals with every sin. I do take individual sins to Him.
I’m no longer insecure or bothered about ‘missing out.’ I know that in Jesus I am ‘defined in,’ that I have access and fellowship with our Father entirely on Jesus account. I know that Jesus died on the cross and now lives for me and in me. I know that He does not count my life or my individual sins against me. I know that He is not tricky, mean or law-obsessed. And I rejoice in the understanding that He is not religious, but truly loving, human and for us.

But more important that all this, I know that God is not sin obsessed. It is not difficult to come to that conclusion if you are raised in a law culture where law is thought to be the primary reality of the universe. But it is not. God is. He is a person and our Father. He is love personified. What does love personified look like? It looks like Jesus and all that He has achieved for us.

The primary reality of the universe is the loving Fatherhood of God and your already secured Sonship. You need to decide if you are going to live in the law or in the Spirit of Sonship. In one you will shrink. In the other you will grow into the fullness of Christ.

Father is in fact obsessed with loving me and loving all. I know that He is passionately involved in restoring us to the reality and spirit of Sonship. Did you know that eternal life and a life with God today has been gifted to all. But we have to embrace and receive it.

Francois Du Toit writes,

“Sin is not about things you do or don’t do - sin is missing out on Sonship!

“John 8:31 Jesus then said to those Jews who were believing in him, to take my word to its complete conclusion and then to abide in seamless union with its logic is to truly be my disciples.

(Jesus is not referring to some future “red-letter-edition Bible.” He is speaking about the Logos defining his “I am-ness” face to face with God before time was, then documented in prophetic language in ancient scripture and now unveiled in incarnate human form, as in a mirror) 8:32.

In this abiding you will fully know the truth about yourself and knowing the truth will free you to be who you are! 8:33 They answered him, “We are the seed of Abraham; we have have never been anybody’s slaves! Why do you suggest that we are not free?” 8:34 Jesus answered and said, ‘I say unto you with absolute certainty that everyone engaging in the distorted mindset of sin is a slave to it!” (Sin is not about things you do or don’t do - sin is missing out on Sonship!)

The sin-system is governed by the idea of justification by personal effort, performance and pretense; which is the typical fruit of the ‘I am-not-mindset’ which Peter refers to as the futile ways we inherited from our fathers. (1 Peter 1:18)

8:35 The difference between the slave and the son is that the slave only works there; for the son the father’s house is home! 8:36 With the freedom found in Sonship there is no pretense! (Free indeed! The word, ontoos, indeed is the opposite to what is pretended.)” Mirror Bible.

No pretense indeed. In Christ we do not need to pretend we are righteous. There is no need to gloss over our sins, make sin so small and non-embracing that even we can persuade ourselves that we are righteous. Or attach ourselves like limpets to the Sabbath that becomes for us a false grace and a false Messiah - a Sabbath that furthers the illusion that we can justify ourselves by the personal effort of Sabbath-keeping.

As sons rather than slaves we are free to be who we are. Delivered from the drive to self-justification we are graced to grow into the fullness of Christ, to abandon death and take on life without limit as the sons and daughters of God. In the law we remain in Adam and the regime of death. Death clings to all who are sin obsessed. Sin obsession comes from judgment and the law. In Christ we are alive and advance from life to more life.

Our adventure is growing into the fullness of Christ and in so doing revealing who we really are as the sons and daughters of God. In Christ and as sons of our Father, the greatest witness we can be is simply to be ourselves. I found this somewhere in Rick Joyner’s writing and wrote it down. It reveals what happens when Christ, rather than our surroundings and preoccupations, is our life.

‘The first step to fulfilling your purpose is to be yourself. The whole world will try to fashion you into what it wants you to be, but true leaders resist this bondage and determine to make their world what they want it to be.’ In Christ you are always yourself, always true to yourself and true to God because you are one with Him and He with you.