You will live well if you eat a Jesus sandwich. But not so well if your Jesus is a filling wedged inside an Adventist Burgher. It will suck the nutriment out of what could have been life to the full.

Anyone who accepts Jesus invitation to be their life and takes a plunge into the entirety of THE SON - will eventually leave behind Adventism and the Sabbath. They will discover the gospel of the Kingdom and separate its glories from the niggardly and DISTORTED GOSPEl of Ellen White and the pioneers.

Such a person will not grow in fullness from the negativity of ‘not being Adventist, ’ however. Nor will they flourish in SPIRIT AND LIFE because they have assumed an identity such as ‘Former Adventist. ’

They will grow in life because CHRIST IS THEIR LIFE and He is making His new and living way in to all parts of their being. We can live from law and be dead men walking. We can live from Life and sit at the table of eternal life with Jesus eating and conversing to our hearts content.