‘Now we are the sons of God.’ We always were the sons of God – potentially. Adam was the son of God. We were not divorced from Father at the fall. But our communication was broken and we went independent and set a course for defining what was godly and what was not on our own account. So until Jesus came as son of God we were sons in name but not in fullness. We were of our Father but not one with Him. We had an inheritance of sonship but did not possess it.

We cannot realise our sonship in the law, in self-effort or in religion. We needed to be put back in God – our body, soul and spirit needed to be made one with our Father. Jesus has accomplished this at-one-ment. We are not only declared innocent. Our sins are forgiven but there is more. Our being is forgiven and our life history is forgiven. We are both washed, joined to our Father, placed in His fellowship and made one with Him in the Spirit of Sonship.

‘I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one’ John 17.22 NIV.

The son knows the Father and the Father knows the Son. This relationship is ours – the fellowship of being and knowing one with our Father is ours in the Spirit of Sonship. Don’t look for something in the Sabbath that is only to be enjoyed in Jesus. Repentance for some means abandoning the Sabbath for the false Messiah it has become.

‘All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him’ Matt 11.27 NIV.

The Son, Jesus, chooses to reveal our Father to all who believe in Him. Jesus is the way to our Father. He and our Father are one. We are in Him – created by Him, redeemed by Him and made one with our Father in Him.

Doing only what we see Father doing occurs because Father dwells in us and we in Him. As sons we are the expression of His being each in our unique way. We exist in the spirit of sonship to do the deeds our Father plans for us to do. This is the ‘sent-forth’ apostolic life of fruitfulness and involvement in things that last.