Anyone can be effective. We are effective when we accomplish our task. The RACV mechanic is effective when he finds me at the roadside and restarts my lifeless car. We are ineffectual when our motions accomplish nothing and leave a situation no better than it was before. I drove to Dubbo once from my parent's farm near Narromine on the Macquarie river to get a part for my car. I fluffed around when I got there, unable to find what I wanted and then drove home again. It was a pointless exercise. My brother laughed and I was privately annoyed with myself for being so ineffectual.

Live in work for Jesus and our effectiveness will be meager. With Jesus as our life we multiply the Spirit of Life.

We are effective and potent when the Spirit of Jesus lives within us. With Christ our life we are life-givers without specifically trying hard. The life of Christ in you cannot be hidden. It is resurrection life and breaks through all dead things. You can go to dead places of form and habit and release life because you carry The Presence. We simply have to be ourselves. We can bring light and hope by speaking an encouraging word by the Spirit that changes the direction of a life. When by the Spirit, Christ is our life, we ourselves will be life-givers because we carry everlasting life. We are alive and alight in the world.

A Christianity based on the law is at best a belief system and at worst an ideology. Then again if it purports to be an addition to the gospel of Jesus and the apostles it is at best a perverted gospel and at worst a cult.

There are degrees of being effective. All kindness has effect. Knowledge and understanding is superior to ignorance. Thoughtfulness is better than speaking because you can. I was active in my church before I knew Jesus and could hold the listener's attention with my well prepared talks. Sure, they filled a spot in the church program. But were they ineffective in terms of His Kingdom of life. Not very. They were not alive with the presence of God and were given in the flesh and not in the Spirit. They were ineffectual in terms of the gospel of the Kingdom.

We are not effective with spirit and life because we are sincere. We carry the water of life when Christ is our life.

Tied to the law or a Christian performance routine, or just plain institutionalism, the life that could flow from us is constricted and confused. We can speak religion but very little life. All
that is alive is spirit and all that is the Spirit of Life is Jesus front and center. There is a relentless march from life to life in the gospel of the Kingdom. The new creation of Christ in you unfolds from plenty to abundant extravagance.

Christ is your life. Not a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil. Ethics and morality are not life or the Kingdom. Life is the Kingdom. Random acts and words of religion are the norm if we have not emerged from the patchwork of Adam's good and evil draft board into the person and the life that is Jesus as us. 'As us' is not a typo. It's what is ours when when Christ and not the law is our life.

Jesus only did what the Father was doing because He was a Son and and not a worker. He was an emissary of His Father just as we are of Jesus - when Christ is our life. He was an emissary because He and His Father were one.
Here we are apostolic and bearers of the Kingdom and its strategies and purpose.

In this age of the new covenant and the new and living way we are in our Father and He is in us. We are rooted in the trinity and the trinity is manifest in us. There is nothing ordinary about you. You are not separated from God. You and Father are one. Live in the extra-ordinariness that is a son/daughter of God!

'If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God' 1 John 4.15 NIV.