We don’t have to go to a particular place to be with the Lord. Certainly we may have our favourite place to talk to Him but Jesus is not confined to these places. Nor is He restricted to special ‘holy times.’ Should we live in such a dichotomy we limit our ability to benefit from His presence in those sectors that we have defined as not holy. I know people who live in divisions of His time and my time, my money and His money, His space and my space. Their ability to release rivers of spirit/life in their so called ‘holy times’ is very much limited as a result - not that they are aware of it.

In this age Christ is our life or we are.

In the new covenant order Jesus lives in you which means that He is where you are. There is not a holy state of being that we must get ourselves into to hear God. You don’t have to be praying to hear Him nor need you be engaged in praise and worship. You just need to enjoy Him and be yourself in God. We don’t have to badger Him, twist His arm or jump through hoops to be in His presence. He lives and loves to be with us. We are never orphans because He is with us and in us. He is not absent from you even when you feel distant or sinful. Nothing can separate you from His presence.

I heard someone say recently, “I’ll have to see if this is God wanting me to do this is or just me wanting to do it.” Well there is good news for that person. When we are in the Spirit; when we and Father are one - as we are if we are in the Spirit and not still in Moses - what Father desires and what we desire will be identical.

‘In that day you will no longer ask me anything. Very truly I tell you, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name’ John 16.23 NIV.

Hearing God depends more on our desire to enjoy Him more than any external circumstance. You don’t have to turn the radio off to hear God. He can talk to us through whatever is on the radio and can gain our attention no matter what we are engaged in. On the other hand religion can make us dead to God. Especially if we think religion is Him. ‘Religion’ is one of the main ploys of the anti-christ spirit.

I studied at a theological college in my youth. After the weekly chapel service the principle would attempt to hurry us away from our enjoyment of each other so that the atmosphere of the message would not dissipate. Sincere as he was this is an example of religious thinking and the compartmentalised mindset of the old covenant. Separation mentality is old covenant. Union with God is new. We are with God where we are. He is in us and with us.

There is no sacred and secular in this new testament age. Christ is all and in all. Everything was made by Him and for Him. You are no more holy when you are in church than you are in bed or playing soccer. You are in fact holier than the religious person when no matter where you are, you are speaking to God and rejoicing in His company at the beach, on the ski slope or sipping a latte in the cafe.

There is no sacred and secular in this new testament age.There never was. Holy times and most holy places among the Hebrews were a function of the knowledge of good and evil mindset. Significantly the curtain in the temple was ripped from top to bottom. No more compartments. No more His bits and my bits or His finances and my money. He has made it all one. You and our Father are one and hence you are one.

Notions of good and evil condition us to think sacred and secular. So do good and evil acts defined according to the Ten Commandments, how our Mum’s brought us up and what we have been conditioned to view as acceptable and not acceptable by the denomination in which we have been raised. God’s domain is all that there is. ‘In Him we live, move and have our being.’ Nothing in all creation can make us separate from the presence and the love of God. Not even our sin. In Jesus God entered into the heart of darkness that involved the killing of Life when he came among us. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Similarly He is with you and in you in every aspect and occasion of your life. He makes you holy and the world holy by living in you and touching others with your life.

Do you live an un-healed life? Do you endure and un-healed marriage? Is this because you live in the unhealed state that is ours when we live in old covenant law and separation from God?

If man was surrounded by God before the cross this is even more so today. God has ‘made the two one.’ This statement applies to all of creation as well as divisions between people. He has done away with our separation from God both real and religiously imagined. Today you have a Sabbath life. Not just a day. Each day you live out the new creation because His resurrection is your life in person. Each day you live in His rest because He rest and His creativity are one.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

The construct of good and evil resulting from our separation from God gives the illusion of sacred and secular. But we are one with God. Christ has come in our flesh and His Presence is with us continually by the Spirit. But not only has He made the two one. We have the ministry of Holy Spirit to manifest His presence in us and among us. In Christ, you yourself are the manifestation of our Father and His Son. With Christ as your life you are holy because God is holy. With Christ as your life you have a whole and holy life.