What if what you had always believed to be the truth was exposed as a delusion? Would you shout Yippee! Or would your joint Jesus in His task of setting captives free? Jesus came to set the captives free. But what if our gospel is of the kind that Paul called an ‘other gospel’ and it actually binds people that Jesus set free to live from Himself. Any ‘gospel’ that is a retreat from our life that is Christ from first to last is not the gospel of the kingdom but a re-introduction of this body of death.

This post speaks to the issue of why some hear God and why God uses some to build His Kingdom while others propagate a gospel that is not the gospel and not the Kingdom.

Esther Ilnisky writes, ‘Suddenly God’s Presence filled the room. He showed me things to come. Firstly I saw many children in our church sanctuary moving swiftly among the congregation, praying with great power for the people. Their voices were authoritative, they reflected the power of God. Their very beings reflected His Presence as they were praying, praying. A child would stand before the congregation and expound the Word of God with wisdom far beyond his years. Another would come forth with mighty intercession. One after another they would pray, expound, prophesy, teach and war against Satan, the power of God rushing through them. Miracles, signs and wonders followed as people fell weeping to their knees, to confess their sin, to be healed and to be set free.’

She continues. ‘God then showed me what the vision symbolised. The church was the world, the people a massive host from every tribe, tongue and nation. The children were a praying army full of God’s power, setting captives free in Jesus’ mighty name.’

The tragedy for many male and adult leaders in the church is that they do not know they are bound. I have known women who get obstinate and angry when their law-bound suppositions are challenged.

Jesus relies on the humility, innocence, purity, faith and the courage of children and those with the faith of little children to accomplish a Kingdom break-out. This should not really surprise us as the Bible says that God’s temple is found in the presence of the humble and contrite (Isa 66:1,2). That the poor in Spirit possess His kingdom; that the pure in heart see God, that the ‘filled’ as opposed to the empty are those who hunger for righteousness; and again that the Kingdom of Heaven is seen, discerned and known by those born into the new covenant should come as now surprise. Freedom is for the free and those who love others so much they will not tolerate their bonday in the name of truth. The latter delusion is always the doctrine of demons.

There is nothing in the life of Jesus and His cross that is about a passion for tradition or a reverence for conformist religion. We are talking new creation life.

‘And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come’ Matt 24.14 NIV.

It’s interesting that in the Narnia Chronicles it is the children whom Aslan uses to save adults and the Kingdom from evil. Of course this is a children’s story but it is also a parable of the Least of These and Those of No Repuation. God uses those of childlike faith rather than those of sophisticated faith or stuborn ego to advance His Kingdom.

‘Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness’ Matt 9.35 NIV.

Jesus said, ‘Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’ 18:3 (NIV). Unless we have the pure and believing hearts towards God that children have, we will never enter the Kingdom let alone lead it. In THE TORCH AND THE SWORD by Rick Joyner, we hear from the words of a child, ‘Most of those who are gifted in fighting and dodging evil are the very young ones.. If our leaders had recognised this, we [Christians] would not be nearly so small as we are, but we would have had many thousands… I believe I am to tell you that if you will choose your leaders according to their anointing and gifts instead of their age and appearance, you will succeed.’


Why does God use children and those with a childlike faith? ‘Because we cannot receive revelation through our minds. Our minds can only receive information and process logic. REVELATION is a spiritual thing because a relationship with God is an affair of the heart. Revelation is received by those with humble and teachable hearts. Your heart receives truth that you mind is in turn exposed to. REVELATION perceived in the mind alone will not be perceived as revelation. REVELATION that is received in the heart may initially offend the mind. But if this revelation has been received into our heart it will eventually transform our minds into the likeness of Christ and we will rise to a new level of faith.’ ( Adapted from Graham Cooke, Hiddeness and Manifestation, Sovereign World 2003)

A Great Battle against the forces of evil is about to begin. In the vision Joyner receives one report, now another. Observing this the little girl says, “You don’t know what to do, do you?” she half asks and half states. “I could sure use a word from the Lord now” Joyner replies. ‘Do you have one?’
“Well, I may… I know it does not matter who is out there… What matters is WHO is in us.”

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