We can choose to live as sons and daughters of God. This is an exalted state of being that accords with who we really are. Then again we can accept an identity as an advanced animal and take our place in the race called the survival of the fittest. Or we can live in the daze of the agnostic who consumes his way through life, having an existence that is little better than a bullock chewing grass and mumbling about entitlement. Then again we can accept religious and pedestrian Christianity as the norm and live out our life in a ‘try harder mentality’ striving to secure what is already ours.

The mystery of godliness is that in the Spirit we represent Him in the flesh. We grow personally into the fullness of Christ and as the church into the expression and fullness of His being. Jesus alluded to the fact that ‘we are gods’ for a purpose. We are sons of the most high, the children of God and members of His House.

To be fully human is to be rather than to do. To some extent being is connected to knowing because we are who we are when we know who we really are. Yet our knowing is but a window through which we see where we came from , what we have been made to be and where we are headed – from glory to glory in the spirit of the Son of Man.

You are reading a ‘Christ your life’ page in a Christ your life post. This is the title of one of my websites and the thrust or our mission at Isaiah 61 Ministries. Our aim is not to have a ministry and earn some fame. Rather it is to teach the liberation and completeness that is Christ. We aim to promote His life as our life so that we desist from living in ourselves and projecting ourselves onto Jesus and calling this ‘Christ.’ We live so that all may embrace fully our death in Adam and our life in Jesus as summarized in Galatians 2.20.

‘The Kingdom is Jesus manifest as His people. The new creation is Jesus manifest in His people in the world. This is the meaning of Christ come in the flesh.’

Jesus did not begin a religion. He commenced a way of being. Of being sons. He is the seed out of which grows a Kingdom. Jesus is Christ our life. Christianity is not and never was. Jesus cannot be reduced to a culture or a belief system. Yet when He is our life, simply because we have done nothing except agree with Father, we become renewed, and revitalized because we have become His new creation people. This is the rock that strikes down the edifices of man and fills the whole world.

Jesus aims to draw us into Himself so that we can be who we are: Sons. To be a son is a state of being that results from union with Father and fellowship with Jesus. Another name of this state of being is
life-giving spirit. This is who we are in Christ. To settle for anything less is to be less than who we are. This leaves us spiritually deformed, crippled, hard of hearing and deaf to spiritual realities.

In Jesus by his Spirit in us, we find healing and wholeness of being. The heart of our potential to impart Christ’s life is our status as a son/daughter. In religion we might go to Africa as a missionary. We are a worker. But we minister from a spiritual wheel chair. We have a crippled being. Our witness is dulled because our spirit is dim and our sword is small. We are not ignited by the Spirit that is without limit and are yet bound in limitation. But our inheritance is that we are sons alive in the Spirit of Sonship that is Christ in us.

Who am I? I am a son. Where am I? I am in Father’s heart? What is my status? My status is the same as that of Christ: I and Father are one. Live from where you have been placed!

I’m acquainted with people who have been nurtured in a culture of law who later discover life in the Holy Spirit. I am taking about a law mentality that gets embedded when folks are taught that law is what makes God’s Kingdom hang together, that law and its keeping is what Jesus came to demonstrate and that the law is what salvation history is all about. It is not. But there are folks who have been conditioned to believe that this is what the Bible teaches. Jesus came to reveal who Father is and what it means to be a son of God. Thanks to Jesus, when we see Him we see ourselves. But I digress.

When law-keepers come into the Spirit there is excitement and awe as things that were common in Jesus’ time become the norm. Then there can be a decline, lack of direction and stagnation. The reason for fade out is not difficult to find. A life in the Spirit cannot be built on a foundation of law. The Kingdom is not rooted in law. Jesus’ life was the expression of His Father. The Kingdom of heaven is the flow of life and purpose from Father into us. The life of the Kingdom is the expression of Jesus’ life in us. Life in the Spirit is Jesus expressed as us. The cosmos is not about law. It is about Father and sons.

I have written a little on grace recently. Grace gives us opportunity to grow. It is not meant as a means to accommodate ourselves to our own wrong beliefs and mythologies. Our opportunity to grow into the fullness of our humanity comes from knowing who we are and
being who we are. Satan wants us to deny that we are sons. Jesus lives to confirm it and multiply the spirit of Sonship.

The truth of Father’s love and our glory is revealed in Jesus. He reveals who Father is and who we are as His daughters and sons. In this sense Jesus is the way the truth and the life – the new and living way of us being who we actually are: Sons deeply desired by our Father. We are truly men and women when we are living in the revelation of Christ.

Shepherd Mbate explains this by starting with a quote from Paul expressed in lines from The Mirror bible.

"There was a time of suspense, when everything we saw was
merely mirrored in the prophetic word like an enigma; but
then (when I became a man in the revelation of Christ) I gaze
face-to-face; behold, I am in him! Now I may know even as I
have always been known!" 1 Corinthians 13: 12 (Mirror Bible).

“In this passage, Paul the Apostle, makes a profound statement
which strikes at the very center of relationship with ourselves and
with the Creator. He understands how powerful knowledge of self
is in affecting your life. You can live a complete life, or an inferior
life, depending on your self knowledge. Here Paul gives a point of reference which is an unbiased opinion - the knowledge of God about mankind. Every other idea and reference of self gets challenged in the light of what God knows to
be true about humanity. There is no truth which could be truer
about humanity than what God celebrates; there is no perfection
more perfect than what made the Creator of the universe enter
into his rest. Humanity is what satisfied Abba from before the
beginning of time; the very inspiration and purpose for all

Knowing this truth frees you to be yourself without pretense or
trying to please.”