We have a life that is Christ from first to last. A life that is Christ in us by the Holy Spirit. We can live in the grace that is Christ or the false and imagined grace of Sabbath-keeping. Religion and law will deliver a warped view of God and a crippled and small view of holiness and ourselves. You may be surprised how many imagine that they are Godly because they keep the Sabbath. But holiness is ours when Christ is our life and He has come in our flesh.

Our fullness is found in Christ. Jesus made us a new creation in Himself. By joining us to Himself He has placed us within the Holy Family, there to absorb and grow in the unlimited love that is their life.

‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision [nor Sabbath-keeping] means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV.

Those of us who have not left Moses behind because we remain in Adam participate only dimly in the brightness of this ultra-life. Sure we get sprinkles of it as one or two coloured 'hundreds and thousands' fall of the cake of this infinity as Jesus passes by. But here's the thing. Because we have denied our place in the new creation due to our own fear, naivety and smugness about some special identity we think we have, we dine on the crumbs instead of the loaf. But we have this inheritance. We have the indwelling Spirit of Christ who is our life!

‘Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?’ Gal 3.3 NIV.

A peculiarity of this form of religion is the split between the real and the ideal and the striving to keep close to Jesus, as though the relationship between God and goodness and good and ourselves is what it was in the old testament. But it is not. Life and righteousness have been made one in Christ and you have been made one with God. By this new and living way of God's gracious incarnation in us God and ourselves are one. This is the greater meaning of 'Having made the two one.'

‘For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility’ Eph 2.14 NIV.

It is Jesus who graces us with His life. He makes us whole as He imparts His life and covers our sin. It is Jesus who is God and reveals the Father to us as sons. None whose ‘Messiah’ is the Sabbath and none who live from the law can know God. Why is this? Because God is defined as Jesus Christ, God’s Son. Sabbath-keeping is an inadequate holiness and the law is a distortion of God. Love is God and love is Jesus Christ. God is not the custodian of Sabbath-keeping or the demanding Overseer of the Law. God is love. He is life and He has already drawn us into Himself.

In the preface to His book 'Across All Worlds,' J Baxter Kruger writes.

'This book is about Jesus Christ finding us and finding us in our
fallen minds. He is not up there somewhere, watching us from a
distance. He is not waiting for the day when He can become a
factor in our lives. We tend to think that people are separated
from Jesus, and that at some point folks pray to receive an absent
Jesus into their lives. The truth is the other way round. Jesus has
received us into his life. We don't make him part of our world; he
has made us a part of his.

He has included us in the abounding life He shares with his Father and in his anointing with the Spirit. And the ‘us’ he has included is not the perfect ‘us,’ not the untarnished version that we present to the world and hope everyone believes. The ‘us’ he has included is the broken us, the wounded, tired, and
scared ‘us,’ the self-centered, self-protecting, hiding ‘us.’

So we are in for a wild ride. For Jesus is determined that the broken ‘us’ come
to know his Father's love in the freedom of the Spirit. He won't give up ... If we are to come to experience Jesus' Father and His endless love, we must face why we don't. We must face our wrong-headedness, our pretending, running and hiding, and our warped view of God, of others and life itself. And that hurts.'

Hurt it may but it is to agree with God and what He has done in Christ. It is Galatians 2.20. It is our death in Adam and our resurrection to our life in Christ we Father and Holy Spirit. This is what is meant in Christ our life.