The teaching of Ellen White and the pioneers birthed a religion of dreadful substitutions. The law was substituted for life in the Spirit, the health message for the Spirit of Christ as our life. The Sabbath became a cover-all grace and a substitute Messiah. What Adventist gained by reversion to the Sabbath Day they lost as a Sabbath life. But more than that God portrayed by Ellen White is much close to austerity and meanness than to God is love and has more in common with a Chinese emperor and ‘not amused’ Queen Victoria than Jesus Christ.

Adventism should be seen for what it is: An ideology derived from law and a reversal of the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles. A series of errors based on a mistake, Adventism is at best faintly Christian and at worst a stupid religion. It prolongs the fall and substitutes the law as the chief issue between us and God. In place of the love and utter trustworthiness of our Father and the dignity of our sonship achieved by our at-one-ment in Christ it purveys a try harder gospel of uncertainty and separation.

The new covenant which is the new and living way post-cross and post Pentecost is simply this: Christ is your life in all things. In Him we are one with God, one with ourselves and one with each other, not mention one with the earth and the biosphere. The new covenant is never listed because it is a person and not a list. It is God alive in you and you positioned in the life of the trinity. This is our inheritance, the reason for our peace, the certainty of our salvation and the joy of being ourselves advancing from glory to glory.

When Adventism began by reverting to the law, undoing grace it sanctified self-effort, self-condemnation and the judgment of others. It separated itself from the Body of Christ and became an appendix with no life of its own – other than its claim to be a fresh revelation and a better way than the new and living way that had always been Christ and His ALL AND IN ALL VICARIOUS HUMANITY FOR ALL. Worst of all Adventism in positing itself as THE WAY of salvation separated itself from THE ROCK THAT IS HIGHER THAN I and became a pebble shouting ‘Look at me!’

‘From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I’ Ps 61.2 NIV.

But none should think they have to resign themselves to their self-imposed delusion. Jesus lives in all and lives to reveal our Father, Himself, Holy Spirit and the glory of our inclusion in the trinity and our glory as the sons and daughters of God. If we would know the truth that sets us free we can simply say ‘yes’ to Jesus and He will share with us the life and truth that is His with His Father. J Baxter Kruger writes,

‘The presence of Jesus Christ inside our fallen minds is a constant command, summoning us out of our denial, calling us to give up our self-generated religions and our false saviours, to step out of our tragic nightmare and receive the
love of the Father. What will you do with Jesus’ knowledge of the Father’s heart? To
ignore it is to embrace a world you now know is empty and sad and broken. To go forward, you must take responsibility for yourself and what you believe, you must stare your demons in the face and learn to believe the truth in your pain.’