If the law is my life I am a dead person walking. Paul assured us that the letter is death and that if we are still living from the law then Christ died for nothing, as far as we are concerned. Life in the spirit, means Jesus is life. Our life. And that our holiness is the manifestation of Himself. There is no way of receiving -His life other than by the Spirit. The scriptures are emphatic: Sound doctrine states that Christ has come in [in your being] the flesh – not the flesh [the law] has come in the flesh.

‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV.

Christ our life is the foundation of Kingdom living.
New Creation: Alive in the spirit, soul and body. Designation: Son of God.
Law and old creation: Present in body, dead in soul and spirit. Designation: Slave, worker, son of the slave woman.

It is impossible to be the new creation when we are the old creation with Adam. In Adam we are not incarnated with Jesus in our mindset even though this is our inheritance. We do not have the mind of Christ but the mind of separated Adam. It is a fact that there are Believers whose separated souls are filled with emotional poison. They live fragmented, unhealed, law-bound-critical lives and multiply this fragmentation among others. The law separates us from God and ourselves. It never unites. In the law we do not belong. Yet all belong in Christ and are part of the Holy Family.

Unless we are living in the new covenant we are not living in our inheritance. In our minds, which is our reality, we are not one with God and the healing of Christ as our life is not ours. Not having His life we have our own life and the shambles it often is.

The new covenant is not a construct or a theory. Neither is it a clever means of keeping the law by writing the letter of stone on people’s hearts. The new covenant is Christ’s life as your life. It is Christ manifesting Himself through you and as you.

Just as Jesus is the human face of the Father, so we are the human faces of Jesus. This is not something we must earn. It is what and who we are.

Spiritual gifts disconnected from the person of Jesus are leaves blowing in the wind. Yet this is not what we are. In Jesus we are one with Father and one with the deepest being of the universe. At its heart the universe is personal and its engine is love – the love that is the trinity and which flows out to the world in the person of Jesus. Rooted in Him we have life. We are trees of life. Rooted in the law we do not. We are dead trees.

Here in the law we remain un-healed, fragmented and apt to be misled by ‘revelation’ that is distorted and a perversion of the gospel. Wholeness comes from Christ in us, us in our Father and the Spirit. When Jesus is our life; when our spirit and soul is hidden and grounded in Father we are in-filled by the Spirit of well-being, with the spirit of wisdom, revelation and the Spirit of Life. By giving ourselves to Jesus and rejoicing that we have been bought by Him, we become alive and astute in the mind of Christ and our lives are characterized by well-being. The completeness and wholeness of Jesus is our privilege in Him. Our lives demonstrate that we are indeed sons of God.

'Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you' Luke 6.38 NIV. This intimates the truth of life. In the law we are withered trees. In Christ we are trees of life.

The words of Jesus were spirit and life because
He was in His Father. The Spirit of His Father flowed through Him and He spoke as a son. He did only what His Father was doing because He and His Father were one and because He was filled with the Holy Spirit. One with Father we have the Spirit without limit. Connected to the law we do not because we are still lugging around the law of sin and death when we can be living lightly in the law of the spirit of life.

Where Adam was instructed to stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Father had Jesus approach it and be crucified on it. Thus it was robbed of the power of sin and death and Jesus used the cross to multiply life by uniting us with God.

Jesus is wellness. Christ's life is not only eternal. It is life to the full. His life is the completeness of all that is alive, whole and joyful. When Christ is our life we are not getting an un-ending extension of Adam’s personal impotence and brokenness. In Christ we get the power of an infinite life and begin our development from glory to glory.

Make sure you are living a post-cross life and not a pre-cross existence!

The key event at Pentecost was not the gifts. It was The Gift of Christ in us. It was Christ come in the flesh of Believers. The incarnation is the key reality of the new testament. The gifts are the result.

Here was the Christ who was victorious over the Enemy, sin and the grave, installed at the right hand of authority in heaven and come by the Holy Spirit to His people on earth. This is the Christ who lives in you. The gifts are the result of the Spirit of Sonship now manifest in the sons and daughters of God. Now Christ is multiplied in His people. Now Christ becomes the life of His people through incarnation. Now Christ is multiplied and manifest in the world as His church. Now the new creation increases in the earth because the life of the resurrected One is multiplied in His people. Any mission without incarnation is not His mission. It is religion.

My purpose is to emphasize that there is no life in being welded to the law. Any connection of ours to the law debilitates our relationship to Christ and to life. Live is now ours because we have been replanted in the womb of life – the trinity that is God. Life is always personal, never abstract, never found in a taxonomy of correctness or the knowledge of good and evil. This life now flows because we and Father are one. We are sons and our spirit and life is the overflow of the Spirit of Sonship that is the result of our union with God.

What we get by life in the Spirit is not just gifts but a life - the life of God. Jesus comes to live in us. His Spirit is woven into our being. We are woven into the Holy Family. The resurrected Jesus shares His life, His relationship with Father, with His people because He lives His life in them.
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