Some Believers are caught in the web of a false christ and a distorted cosmology. Father is made to appear what He is not and Jesus is shrunk to be less than He is. So here are some questions?

What if we had been so unfortunate to have absorbed a notion of Jesus that is twisted beyond belief? What if our version of what God has conspired to do for us we is so distorted that it hampers who we are rather than makes us more Godly? What if what we call ‘our religion’ is a hoop to jump through that did not come from God? What if we had been entangled in a cunningly devised fable?

What is the most important thing in life? I would argue that it is to know God as He is and become the self that you were designed to be. This is a holistic project that comes entirely from the fact that God created you and then set about to draw you entirely into Himself, so that you continually live as the son you are – forever. What is our part in this? It is to say I no longer choose to live disables when I am whole. It is to say yes and embrace our life in God that we have already been drawn into.

‘He answered them, He that made me whole, the same said unto me, Take up thy bed, and walk’ John 5.11 NIV. Jesus makes us whole in spirit, soul and body.

It’s easy to be a caricature of our real self. Father of lies specialises in creating phantom people. As rebel we can live an animal, self-centred survival-of-the fittest kind of life, trampling on others and doing a wrecking job on ourselves. Or as a religious Christian we can live out the bare-bones of Churchianity, plod along in a try-harder mentality or from a formula of law. And add to this a thin slice of ‘behaviours’ deemed sanctified by our denomination. We can do all this and not know God or ourselves. It is for this reason, Jesus, the Christ of God offers us life and light.

‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV.

It is possible to love Jesus and attach ourselves to a vision of Him and His work that is less than accurate. Only the Son knows our Father and only our Father knows the Son. This is why we need to come under the umbrella of a personal Jesus to be nurtured in spirit and in truth about who Jesus is and our inheritance in Him.

In religion we can trivialise our Father and turn ourselves into newts. Some ‘gospels’ come close to being a trivial pursuit. And all because we have been seduced into living from the knowledge of good and evil with a Christian gloss. But you have a life in Father as daughters and sons and He has a life in you – when we received Him. Here you have your inheritance as sons. Here you are free to be yourself in Christ and free to participate in unending growth as a person. This is a life as different to fundamentalism and law-mongering as a marrow is from a prince. In a sense we all begin life as frogs when we are actually princes. But we metamorphose from frogs to kings and priests when we abandon the religion of christ to live in the Spirit of Christ.

In Jesus we will increasingly discard things that are not Christ that we have clung to as IF THEY ARE GOD. That’s if we are in the Christ of God and not in some distortion of our own making or in a false christ conjured up from the witches broth of false teaching. If our intent is to know Jesus as He is unconditionally, His mentoring ourselves in wisdom and revelation will set us free. He will not force us to know Him as He is if we are content with an effigy of our own making. If we are intent on preserving our favourite ideas and maintaining an identity we think we have in some culture or denomination, we can say goodbye to growth in freedom and Godliness. None so blind as those whose truth is a lie.

J. Baxter Kruger writes, ‘Jesus wants his Father known. He is passionate about it. He cannot bear for us to live without knowing his Father, without knowing his heart, his
lavish embrace, his endless love-and the sheer freedom to be that works
within us as we see his Father's face. Jesus knows the Father from all

He sits at His right hand and sees Him face to face, and shares
life and all things with Him in the fellowship of the Spirit. How could he
be content to leave us in the dark with no vision of his Father's hea1ing?
How could this Son be indifferent when we are so lost and afraid and
bound in our mythology?

Burning with the Father's love for us, inspired
with the Spirits fire, the Son ran to embrace our broken existence,
baptizing himself into our blindness. He braved the seas of our darkness
to come to us. Why? So that he could share with us his own communion
with his Father in the Spirit and we could know the Father with him, and
taste and feel and experience life in His embrace.

You belong in the light because you are a daughter or a son. You have one husband who is Christ and one Christ of God who sits at Father’s right hand and live in you.