I have known some lovely people who are sincere believers and love Jesus. But they do not enjoy the full indwelling of God and the union that is theirs in God – even though this is their inheritance. They have droplets rather than rivers of living water. They are bound to the law and more subtly to their own doctrine as ‘the way’ of salvation. As a result they are insulated from the fullness of His life, His healing of their souls is obstructed and the spirit and life that is theirs is suffocated by the flesh. This is not the flesh as in immorality and materialism. Rather it is the insidious effect of old covenant living and religion, described by Paul as the body of death. This regime of Christian living not only prevents us comprehending the darkness. It also obscures the light.

We need to know that it is not sufficient just to ‘love Jesus’ and that abstaining from the bad and embracing the good, while a worthy pursuit is not the gospel of Jesus, Paul John or the Bible. The gospel of the Kingdom is Christ come in you to be your life.

A full and complete love for Jesus involves doing what He said. Like believing Him and receiving Him personally as our way, our truth and our life. Jesus taught that what the law once was Jesus now is: The righteousness of God and more. That we who believe are the righteousness of God in Christ. Paul spoke of the law as a schoolmaster to lead to Christ. He never said Christ leads to the law. The lesser leads to the greater.

Who Jesus is, goes together with what He has done in combination with our Father and Holy Spirit. He has assured our salvation. He has drawn us into the Holy Family to enjoy union with God. He, as the Door, is the means whereby we are indwelt by the three personed God. The big deal of the new testament age is incarnation: Christ in us.

All things are under Jesus’ feet. Jesus lived from Himself as I AM and as LIFE IN ITS FULLNESS. He was one with His Father and lives from His Father as the Son of Man. No law here. He did not live from it because He was life and lived from life itself. The law was irrelevant to Jesus because He lived from that which was infinitely greater: The fullness of God and life itself. Comparing the law to this kind of infinity is like comparing a thimble of water to the Pacific Ocean.

This ocean of life is now yours because of the person of Jesus in you. It exists in you by the Spirit and grows in your as your rejoice in its freedom and completeness. In your dwells the fullness of the God-head bodily. This was so with Jesus, Today it is so with you.


Rules and principles have little power to improve or control our nature. Whether we get them from our parents, from the Ten Commandments or from reading the Bible, they have no power to change our lives. I have seen this in my own life and observed it in friends and acquaintances who have been schooled in a law-culture, yet have no ability to resist temptation and sin. Such freedom comes from Christ in us and the dissemination of His Spirit into our flesh.

But we are not called to live from sin-consciousness as beneficial as overcoming may be. Our vision is to live from God consciousness; to know Father as He is and to become the sons of God we were designed to be. We become our real and authentic selves in this life from the witness and the real presence of our Father within, of Jesus living in our flesh and Holy Spirit giving testimony to both and of us. The revelation of the indwelling God in you will testify of the Father and the Son and also reveal who you are in spirit and in truth. There is nothing about a life in God that is religious or a humbug. All of God and all of His presence is life-giving. In Him, rather than being filled with the law of Moses or the relativities and contradictions of the knowledge of good and evil you are filled with the law of the spirit of life – the expression of God Himself in you.