It’s a serious thing to undo the truth and present its absence as life. Truth makes people free to be themselves. Truth undoes bondage and disease. Truth is the door to new levels of life. Truth makes people more than they are. Un-truth abuses them. Grace and truth is Jesus Christ. New creation truth is Jesus expressed in the people of the world. Truth is robust and expanding life that is Christ our life. When Jesus is our life we enter the realm of life without limit. When we are married to a false Jesus - the non-christ presented in The Desire of Ages - we begin to wither and die. We participate in the multiplication of iniquity in the name of God.

Remarks such as this make some people very annoyed. They have participated in a busy-busy life and made a career from a gospel that has bound people in un-life and stifled the image of God in them. They accuse ‘truth tellers’ of doing nothing and present themselves as engaged in the noble effort of God’s work. But they are not doing His work. They are assiduously promoting a delusion. Deception makes us workers of iniquity in the name of God.

What Truth Tellers have in common with Jesus is that they set captives free.

There are those who have made a ministry and a life out of undoing the at-one-ment and purveying ‘the law’ as truth. They promote legalism as sound doctrine and spiritual death as life. They have participated in the institutional spread of a religion of death and created a body of death that subverts the reality of Christ our life in the name of fresh revelation. They have chosen to make shadows their reality and perpetuate the land of the shadows of death as the will of God.

The ring that binds Adventism to the law, the old covenant, the law of sin and death and the authority of Mordor is The Sabbath.

‘One for the
Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of
Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.’

There is an order in the world today that all can avail themselves of. This is the person of Jesus in you, to be your life and the life of the world. The new covenant is the new and living way that replaces and negates the power of the knowledge of good and evil tree, undoes the law of Moses and replaces all relativist and incomplete righteous-nesses by God Himself in us.

The new covenant is ‘Christ is all and in all.’ The new covenant is the power of the supremacy of Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The new covenant is your living the life of a son out of your union with your Father. The new covenant is the resurrection and rebirth of what always was: The plan that men and women should share the life of God as daughters and sons and represent Him in the earth. In the new creation - the effect of the new covenant - man and creation are reborn to be the Kingdom that never ends.

Adventism ignores the new covenant. From the age of five to 55 I had never heard of the new covenant as an Adventist - except for one leader of the church who described it as ‘new covenant theology.’ This appalling ignorance and conceit. As if what God did in Christ and how He positioned us in the fellowship of Himself is a theology to be debated. It’s not. The new covenant is what God has done in Christ, who you are as a result, where you are positioned as a result of His grace and the inheritance that is yours by fiat of God. All which can be summed up as ‘You and your Father are one.’

The new covenant is this: You have a Sabbath life in Christ. You have a resurrected, new creation life in Christ.

You have your Sabbath rest in Christ. You are set free from self-justification and self-vindication. Your belong in God and are included in His Family. You are the new creation in Christ and you are the righteousness of Christ expressed as yourself.

Are your going to resist Christ so that you can have your Adventism. Are you so foolish and besotted with your own ignorance?

Your embrace of the new covenant is not a matter of re-arranging the deck chairs on the good ship Adventism. It is the demolition of its hull and the resurrection of its superstructure as a new ship in the person of Jesus. As individuals we must come to the cross, allow our entire self to be put to death so that we can receive our resurrection as a new person in Christ. There are times when denominations need to do the same.