We can do better than post vegetarian diet recipes on Facebook. Jesus heals people today. Particularly when those ministering live in the Spirit and not in the law. Did you know a law-based Christianity is a thing of the flesh. Jesus announced that the flesh is nothing and the
Spirit is everything.

‘Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?’ Gal 3.3 NIV.

Jesus declared Himself life, light, and way which is similar to light but more like a door. He declared Himself as 'truth' which is similar to 'light' because it connects the dots, establishes which are dots and which are not and declares that which is aligned with Our Father and that which is not. Jesus is the only way out of the knowledge of good and evil and the one way of discerning that which is really good and that which is really evil – or that which is flesh and spirit. Jesus not only delivers us from evil but from religion. In Him we are able to separate that which is merely a gospel from the gospel of the kingdom. Notice that the gospel of the Kingdom occurs in real time in the real world through the incarnation and the anointing of Holy Spirit.

'Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people' Matt 4.23 NIV.

Jesus healed because God loves people. He healed as a sign – the sign that what He was doing for unwell bodies He would do for the world. Notice also that the gospel of the Kingdom not about the doctrine of doctrine. It is the doctrine of
dunamis authority and power. It is not only about healing as such but about the Kingdom of the healed.

'For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God's power' 1 Cor 4.20 NIV.

If we are hooked on law we will be tied to the gospel as an abstraction. We will think we are teaching the word when we are actually speaking the letter - the letter that kills. Glued to the law the tenor of our collective expression will manifest the letter – a form of godliness without power. What we multiply in the letter will be an appearance rather than spirit and truth. Spirit and truth always manifests as the living Christ who is in heaven through you on earth.

Spirit and truth realised on earth is you. The inheritance of Father in you is your Sonship. In Jesus, you and our Father are one.

Any attachment to law extinguishes the fullness of Christ in us,. It denies us the ministry of words and deeds that are
spirit and life - the Spirit, life and presence of God multiplied through us as an apostolic people. We are apostolic when we represent Father as did Jesus. Our inheritance is to be apostolic because Christ is multiplied through us. Some believers have the role of apostle but all Believers are apostolic.

Law and its sister, religion are innately limiting and obfuscating. This is a good word because it starts with 'ob' as in
obstruction and continues with 'fus' which links it with confusion. In other words it means the speaking of balderdash as if this is life, even though Paul remarked that anything not Christ is dung. Here we are talking of the confusing and dulling effect of law based thinking on revelation and discernment. It quenches it. An attachment to law will always nullify the infinite life available in the Spirit. If not repented of this will lead to extinction and death. We cannot hang on to the old covenant and be the new creation. Why? We have not been resurrected. Well actually we have but we need to agree with what Heaven has done and stop being obstinate and obsessed with what we think we ought to do and live in what God has done.

We are either in law/performance or in Christ. When in Christ there is no separation between ourselves and the Father. In the Spirit of Sonship Christ not only inhabits us. Father, Son and Holy Spirit
manifest as us. This is the reality of the living bread and the reality that takes us beyond sin and the cross to the reality that is Christ Himself as our life.

I am not saying we are beyond sin. I am saying we are no longer obsessed with it. Living in the mode of a priest of the Kingdom is much better than obsessing over the wretchedness of which we are capable. It might be religious to be absorbed in your sin but it is Godly to be swept up in our Father. In Him you will multiply Christ and His life because He is your life.

One of the things I like about Jesus is that He is life itself. He represents all that is alive. All life was created by Him and it was Jesus who has redeemed us to a life that can be lived to the full even in this life - which is why I like to give thanks and celebrate small things, like a good curry or some rainbow trout with chips and salad. Those who are possessed by Jesus do much better than those captured in religion. I believe those who have no religion at all are usually better off than those bound in religion.

Jesus came to reveal Father and more – to reveal who we are as sons/daughters of God.

He came neither to promote the law, the Bible or the church. If we refuse to recognize this we will never model the fullness of God or be holy rather than pious. We will be constrained by the lesser and remain stuck in a web of 'the letter' and institutionalism. All under the illusion that this is the kingdom and we are doing Jesus a favour. No way. We will be blind to the fact that the church is the manifestation of Jesus in people, and not the repository of beliefs or a monument to itself.

Religion is the counterfeit to a life that is Christ. It is always about itself and jealous of its prerogatives. No matter how well intentioned disciples of religion are, they are compelled to maintain dullness, routine and tradition as godliness. But it is only a form of godliness, lacking life and the power to penetrate and dispel darkness. Only Life Itself can do that. And that life is a Person - Jesus Christ your light and your life.

We are His church to the extent that Christ is our life individually and collectively. It is not even the church in the normal sense that reveals Jesus. It is our life as Jesus that is the church. When Jesus has come by the Spirit into our flesh we are His temple and church. Just as the Son of God manifested as a man so the the living Jesus manifests as you. Sure, this is a mystery but it is also life in the Spirit and the main thrust of the new covenant.

Don't look for Him where He isn't. He is in you. Agree with this and live out His glory into your world.