Who we become depends on who we think we are. Who we think we are comes from our vision of the gospel. We can live from the gospel of the kingdom or lesser gospels with a lesser christ. The fullness of Christ and hence the fullness of you is lived in the new and living way called the new covenant.

Every boy, every girl, every wife and husband, and ageing person - yearns to be who they are, received and accepted as themselves and appreciated for their distinctness. In short they want to be loved. The adventure of life is to grow into the fullness of being oneself; of living from one’s real identity and fulfilling one’s destiny. This is all possible and will become our reality when we live in Christ and invite Him to be our life.

To be oneself; to be I am in the greater
I AM is a dream and a developing reality if we set ourselves relentlessly to live in Jesus and resist the mediocrity of a life in the routine of religion and its insipid pressure to conform. We can never know ourselves or God if we subsist in a religious generality with a generalized religious god and a conceptual christ. Here we can only be a fog or a mist. Never the reality of our true selves.

To be a church member or a Christian is not a personal life in Jesus - not unless these are the result of a personal Jesus life. A churched and moral life is not the Kingdom. But it is religion and a common counterfeit of the Kingdom of Jesus come in our flesh.

Christ must be received as our life or we will not live, not know ourselves or have the grace and love to facilitate others in being who they are. The community of folks who are who they are and not clones of the generalized other, cannot be resisted by the powers of hell. You as the expression of Christ and Christ expressed in you is the power of the infinite Father, Son and Holy Spirit loosed against all the forces of decay, disease, death and mediocrity known as the lukewarm life. But you have a life that is a flame and a fire - the life in you that makes you a life-giving spirit and the you that is you. This life is lived when Christ is your life and you rejoice in the fellowship and nurture of such communities of the saints.

‘And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it’ Matt 16.18 NIV.

Don’t expect to start a life-giving fire if you are a clone of somebody else or a conformist from some ecclesiastical soup. We need not expect to see clearly or possess kingdom discernment if we are content with old covenant religion or cling to an extra-Jesus identity in some denomination or ministry. Here we are a ghost of our true selves and a muffled expression of the power of Christ come in our person. Muffles because He has not come very much.

You have one husband, one Kingdom vision and one life that is genuinely spirit and life. But one thing is for sure. You will multiply life if you are hidden in Christ to be revealed as the glory of Christ among those who know God and those who don’t.

To live in the fullness of Christ is to agree that He is our life, our life by the Spirit and our life because He is incarnated in our being. This is the new and living way of the new covenant. Here we are competent to minister the kingdom because we are kings in Christ. But to live from the law is to shrink our mind and our being.

Francois Du Toit writes, “In the prophetic picture, Israel's freedom was not defined by their escape from Pharaoh's rule, but by their possessing the Promise! Yet an entire generation died on the wrong side of the promise because they continued to believe in "giants" which dwarfed them into grasshopper status in their own imagination! You're not rescued from mere slavery to an inferior opinion about your true identity as much as you are freed to possess the life of your design in yourself and to see this same freedom for others!”

So what’s he saying? It means we can puddle along in religion and be a mushroom or we can live in the Spirit of Sonship as a son/daughter of God!