God of three persons has always wanted us to enjoy what they have - their love, their joy in just being. God had always purposed to make us His own. Our salvation was not an afterthought. The Son of God, and through Him the drawing of us into the fullness of the Family of heaven, was the plan. Always.
The creation and the new creation was the plan - the mystery revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

'I was chosen to explain to everyone this mysterious plan that God, the Creator of all things, had kept secret from the beginning' Eph 3,9 NIV.

God as Jesus is quite a different picture to God as the law. The Bible I s quite clear. The creation holds together in the person of the Son. God in His person is the order, the logos of the universe. There is no law that is independent of God - no abstraction hanging in space or stowed in a sanctuary. To say that there is a law to which God lives in reference to, is to un-god God and wither ourselves. There is a law of the spirit of life and always has been. This is God Himself. A summary of God and this law is LOVE. The reality of God, of love and new creation life is Christ.

Fundamentalism and law-mongering has this in common. Laws, rules and regulations are more important than people. God has demonstrated that love is more important than law - which in any case was given to the Jews and no one else. It is not by chance that Jesus is called the righteousness of God because righteousness and life is a person - the person of God. If we live from Jesus and not from the law,
we become the righteousness of God!

‘Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.
Righteousness Through Faith
But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify’ Rom 3.20,21 NIV.

I was raised in a fundamentalist denomination steeped in the law. Such a culture cannot help but marinate one with a sense of condemnation and judgment that misrepresents God. If we have been doused in the more subtle but no less pervasive Christian Performance Orientation, the seed is sown that God is not exactly for us. We may think He assesses us and puts up with us. There is an unintentional 'good guy/bad guy' taint about this that does not 'cast out fear.' The good guy being Jesus and the demanding chap being Father. But to see Jesus is to see Father.

The truth is however that there is no more loving being in the universe than Our Father. And further, that our Father longs to be with us! In Jesus God expressed Himself as a human being. Today in the risen Christ, a human being sits beside the Father. Jesus came from God and is God. But there's more. Today, as we speak, all of God lives in you! Incarnation is the reality of our fellowship and the agent of our transformation. Yet Father does not see us as 'a project.' He views us as His desired daughters and sons!

You could live in a beggars religion and abide in the wrongly divided word of truth. Then again you could live in Christ and the apostles teaching and drink the fullness of life in the gospel of the kingdom while dispensing with a niggardly gospel of works and uncertainty.

Francois Du Toit writes in the introduction to The Mirror Bible,

"Christ reveals that there is no place in the universe where God would rather be [than in His people] ; the fullness of Deity physically resides in him [the Son of Man]. Jesus proves that human life is tailor-made for God. [May they be one as we are one]

He mirrors our completeness. (While the expanse cannot measure or
define God, his exact likeness is displayed in human form. The human body frames the most complete space for Deity to dwell in.)

The whole Bible is about Jesus, and Jesus is all about you. This makes the Bible the most relevant book. Jesus is God's mind made up about man. The meaning of his name declares our salvation. In him, God rescued his image and likeness in us. Initially the prophetic shadow of the Old Testament introduces us to the Promise. The Promise points to the Person. He is the Messiah-Christ, the Incarnate Word. He represents the entire human race. In the economy of God, Jesus mirrors humanity. The heart dream of God realized in the redemption of man; in one man, through one act of righteousness, in a single sacrifice,
he rescued the human race!"