You can focus on sin and morality. You can absorb yourself in your failure and lack of victory. You can make a thing about doing good. But find you have an existence more than a life. There’s something missing. The missing essence of life to the full.

Some live on a treadmill of activity. Many have the appearance of being content with a life that is mostly the routine of a sophisticated beast. A Clydesdale is handsome, strong and hard working. But still a horse. You are actually a son/daughter of God. You can do better than be a worker. You can be what you are: A son.

Look to the side of the freeway. There you might see any number of glossy Aberdeen Angus cattle, chewing the cud in the shade. Yet they are doing nothing more elevated that preparing to be steaks. You were meant for more than that.

Not a few are absorbed in their work as means of survival or as the avenue to the respect of others and a feeling of self-worth. Work can be an expression of ourselves or a routine of dullness and boredom. Blessed are they whose work provides for more than they need and is the expression of their real selves - rather than a means of self-maintenance in an un-life until they retire.

There is no fulfilment unless we are alive in our spirit and our soul is filled with spirit and life. Jesus first priority was not sin and sinning. He announced Himself as the liberator of every kind of bondage - bondage to all that is a lie and to everything that is not life. He came to give all life to the full.

Jesus Christ desires to be your life. He is life itself in all its variety and infinity. He is deep down satisfaction. He is comfort and above all He is grace. In Him you are always free to grow into your better self while being loved as you are and transformed into your better self. Those who have the Son have life. Those who do not have the Son are not alive.