A bunch of alcoholics, drug abusers, drop outs and losers listened intently to the simple sermon of a street preacher. When he announced, ‘Jesus came to save sinners!’ There was chaos. ‘That’s us!’ they shouted with glee. Receiving Jesus as their life they entered into fellowship with God immediately and began their growth as sons and agents of the Kingdom.

It’s not so hard for such folks to recognise their need of a Saviour. Harder for those of us who imagine we are whole because we belong to the middle class; have iconic habits like coming to church or because we have the false grace and pseudo-Messiah of The Sabbath. But sadly we have never been healed, never made whole and never made sons in spirit and in truth.

The story of the Rich Young Ruler explains why so many are more content with a try harder gospel, the law of Moses or the pseudo-law of Christian performance. We can get away with these tokens without having to give over ourselves.

There’s no secular and sacred in the new testament Kingdom of God.We can persuade ourselves that we are alive to God because we leave him a segment of our time or a faction of our money. And so we live these compartments that speak of the old covenant rather than the new. In the old covenant temple there appeared to be degrees of holiness and presence. In the new The Presence comes into you and you are drawn into The Presence. You get to have a real whole person life rather than an imaginary one in the law. This is the meaning of Christ our life. In the old covenant Jews had a Sabbath Day. Today Believers have a Sabbath life. Divine rest for human restlessness is Jesus.

It’s impossible to live from the law, rules or a programatic life and be made whole. There is no power of healing in inert abstractions. But there is in a personal Jesus and the wholeness of His life as ours.

‘And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole’ Matt 14.36 KJV.

It’s impossible to live from the law, rules or a programatic life and live in wholeness. Only the Son of Man as our life is holistic and genuinely ‘whole person’ living.

If Christ is our life, He is all of it. In the Kingdom of God the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When Christ is our life, He has our heart. There may be many things about us that are unholy and carnal. But in having our heart He has all of us and we have all of Him. He has a bridgehead to extend His territory throughout our being.

We live in God’s love, are seated in His heart and live in His real presence. As a result we have a real life as a son and a daughter and we represent a real kingdom of God, rather than a shadow - because the reality is Christ our life. As a result of this our identity is no longer ‘sinner.’ Now we are the sons of God in Spirit and in truth.