A person I knew well once confidently asserted that he never asked God about any major decisions in His life. An attitude like this may not only signal a certain amount of folly. It could be an indication of Bible-deism – the belief that God is distant from us and not bothered with our minutia since he is absorbed in being the great Unmoved Mover. There are folks who think their issues are too insignificant for God and those who don’t want God meddling in their doings.
The coming of God’s son as the Son of Man, His life, teaching and crucifixion explodes independent living. Not only were Jesus and His Father one. Jesus was free to be Himself and fulfil His purpose for being. Jesus said we would never be bereft of God, never orphans but that He would be with us and in us forever.
‘I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you’ John 14.18 NIV.
God has incarnated Himself in our being by the Spirit. Jesus replicates Himself in our spirit, soul and body by His Spirit. We have become the dwelling place of God – incarnated with the trinity. In this mode we are filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit. We are the expression of Christ, when we live as who we are, who Jesus is for us and what God has accomplished for by the cross, incarnation and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
No longer are we separated from God. To be in the Spirit means to be in union with God. We are in a state of constant incarnation. As well can be blessed with more intense states of anointing and revelation. Where one can live in a state of carnal independence while espousing religion and living for ourselves, we can alternatively be at rest in the Spirit, one with Christ and enjoying union with our Father and the mind of Jesus.
Life in the Spirit is superbly more full than life in the austerity gospel of Ellen White, the law and the stilted religiosity of the knowledge of good and evil pretending to be the Kingdom of God.
In the Spirit of Sonship one may not need to busy oneself with formal prayers, a program of prayer and Bible study, an agonised seeking of God’s will mission fly and builds to discharge a sense of obligation and find oneself doing things for islanders that they are often capable of doing for themselves. We do what we do because we are simultaniosly expressing the heart of our Father and beings ourselves as sons of God.
We have the mind of Christ and the heart of our Father is shared with our heart. In the Spirit our union with God makes us sons and daughters of God not in theory but in spirit and in truth. Now we can be who we are, be filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit and expect to please God and be fruitful because we and Father are one. There is a marked difference between filling a religious slot with a program or a homily and doing what Father is doing in the moment and in the season. The difference is death versus spirit and life.
It is possible to live in a soup of religion and be subject to fits of panic each time we are accosted by the ‘bad news’ of the second coming. It's a risky business to so casual about our beliefs that we have absorbed a mean view of God. We can unwittingly be harbingers of death in the delusion that we are life, because in actual fact we are attached to the body of death. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life because He is. Paul announced Christ as our life for the same reason and because His life in all of us is the new creation. So why tout a lesser gospel of works and false revelation as the truth?
The new creation emerges from Christ in us. Never from the law or from religion. The words
body of death imply that in this state of being, we don’t get to participate in the resurrected person of Jesus because we are attached to the death brought on by Adam.
But Christ is our life. God tells us there is one mediator between humans and God. The man who is God, the Son of man who is everyman and the Christ of God. This Jesus lives in you as does Holy Spirit and our Father. So there's no need to look for mediators and go-betweens in edgy churches, celebrity pastors or other gospels. Get a life. There's One on offer called Christ in you.
‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ Col 1.27 NIV.
Neither you or any prophet or denomination are at liberty to alter the One Way to life without limit. Yet you represent the diversity of new creation living when Christ is your life. But only in the branches of His vine. Don't presume to make your own vine and expect to be a channel of spirit and life. Don't expect that you can live from a human mediator and be a river of life. You and Father are one. You are called to manifest Jesus in yourself and your activities. Together we manifest his fullness as the community of the church and the rock that fills the entire earth. But don’t expect to be a community that manifests the fullness of Christ if attached to a gospel of emptiness or a ‘revelation’ that negates all that God meant for our glory. Forget about the glass half full. Such a glass is actually empty.
Choosing a different way to the living way of Christ your life, is equivalent to crucifying the son of God anew. We have no right to a perspective that differs from that of Jesus and the apostles. The new and living way is the new covenant in spirit and in truth. This is the only way. It is the vicarious humanity of Jesus for you and for those astute and diligent enough to choose Him over religion and precious thinking. It is the inheritance of all who are careful and diligent enough to embrace what God has done instead of received myths and religious veils.
Speaking of well-doing, Paul said, 'Against such there is no law because such well-doing is the effect of Christ’s life as ours. We benefit from more than a series of gifts. We are not peasants with a bucket of diamonds. We are in the flow of His person, His spirit and life. Hidden in Christ we are revealed as ourselves – as spiritual beings with supernatural authority. Fellowshipping in Christ we are fellowship with Father and Holy Spirit and are channels of His spirit and life. We are the fruit of the incarnation.
Captivity in false doctrine can be the result of socialisation, spiritual blindness or laziness. A passive or lazy attitude to sound doctrine makes us vulnerable to other people's errors and other people's Ishmael's. It says to Jesus, ‘I don't value what you did for me enough to examine what I have been taught or have absorbed since childhood.’ It implies that we are willing to accommodate ourselves to peninsulas of Adamic death that remain in the ocean of Christ's new covenant life.
‘What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?’ Rom 7.24 NIV.
Sure, we can plod along in what we have always believed, unaware that we are dragging around the carcass of this body of death and infecting others with the cancer of another gospel. The good news is that we will go to heaven. The bad news is that we cannot bring heaven to earth, cannot be fully alive, cannot minster life without limit because we have chosen not to disconnect from THIS BODY OF DEATH. As Paul said to the Galatians, ‘Why are you so foolish?

‘How foolish can you be? After starting your Christian lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort?’ GAL 3.3 NIV.