The Hebrew people were given the law and attached obligations. ‘Obey and live’ for prosperity and for eternity. That was the deal. The temple with its compartments was a picture of God and our separation from God. The Presence was there. It was compartmentalised and could be deadly. Truly it could be said that, ‘By man came death.’ But also by the son of man came resurrection and liberation from death. Paul labeled the Ten Commandments the law of sin and death.

By an act of distrust in Father, Adam and Eve precipitated the human race into a life of separation from God. By His life and His cross the second Adam propelled us into a life of union with God. The end of compartmentalisation and separation was signalled when Jesus cried ‘It is Finished!’ when the separating curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom. Now human beings were not just near God, they were with God and more. God was in them!


Common religion talks of having ‘a faith.’ Common Christianity may talk of Christ and His values or of ‘Following Christ.’ Law oriented religion falls naturally into a belief system. This matrix of beliefs and behaviors is a manifestation of separation and law. It stumbles along as a phlegmatic routine of occasionally anointed abstractions. It’s as different from Christ our life as a pile of sawdust is from an oak tree.

This is not the Kingdom Jesus began. He began the Kingdom of Christ in us which is Christ becoming our life. The difference between separation and incarnation is the difference between the old testament and the new. But we digress.

The law condemns and separates. The love of God forgives and includes us in His Family. Jesus is the fullness of God's love. Jesus is God and Jesus is man. In this union of humanity in God, the trinity enters the human race and the human race enters heaven. This is how heaven comes to earth. It is how humanity is regenerated and the new creation grows.

This truth is expressed in snippets I have summarised here from the teaching of  J. Baxter Kruger as found in his book, Patmos.

1.  Jesus has United human life, the life of God, the life of heaven and earth in Himself … The battle of the ages is between union and separation. [In the law, religion and all attempts to recreate ourselves we are separated and remain in spiritual death.] The truth of all truths is that Jesus is in His Father and we are in Him. [The assumption of separation and our jumping through hoops to annul such separation is the great darkness fostered by much of official religion. Separation is deeply embedded in Christian assumptions. You can hear it expressed in words like, ‘Keeping close to Jesus’ and ‘What would Jesus do?’ We are freed from contrived pieties such as these because Jesus is not only with us. He is in us expressing Himself through our being.

2. Basing his teaching on the Bible and the Church Fathers, Baxter observes that the relationship between Jesus and our Father is the womb of the cosmos. He teaches that the trinity is the womb of the cosmos. But The Father- Son relationship is our focus here. Only the Son knows the Father and only the Father knows the Son. The trinity live in us so in order to share with us this joy of knowing the Son, knowing Father and knowing Holy Spirit as they are. Blended with us in our being by the Spirit they reveal to us from the inside the truth about God and the truth about us. We are infinitely loved daughters and sons.

3. The carnal mind of Adam cannot cope with God becoming flesh. [It is either too mystical or not sufficiently religious]. Separated from God and clinging to our cocoon of religion. we insist on finding our way to God. Greeks attempt this through the head, old covenant believers through the law and many more through themselves with their own version of a performance gospel. When our gospel is not Jesus but this kind of gospel, all we have is ourselves and our ideas of separation that we obsessively attempt to overcome. Sadly this is what passes for Christianity for far too many.

4. The great wound of separation style christianity is that you are separated from you. Striving to be accepted you are never yourself and always a mirage of what you desire to be. Only when we allow Jesus to be in charge of who we are and are becoming, do we get to increasingly grow up into who we were made to be. Growing up into Christ is always growing up into our true selves.

5. The wound we carry in a separation mentality is that it’s not ok to be us. When we realise and live from the fact that Jesus is our life we are indeed reborn. Let’s be clear. The gospel is not that we can receive Jesus into our lives. IT IS THAT WE HAVE BEEN RECEIVED INTO HIS. Our glory is that we share in the life of Jesus and our Father and express this glory through our own individuality.

In the person of Jesus our myths, illusions and veiled versions of Jesus and ourselves are dissolved. By living in the Christ of God and His gospel instead of our self-constructed christs and distorted gospels we can live in fullness as sons of God and warriors of the Kingdom. These points are expression of Jesus’ gospel of the Kingdom and Paul’s expression of the apostles teaching. This is not new theology or psychology. It is what is. It is the I AM of Christ and the I AM of you.