Believers who live in the fullness of God are full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. We may go further and observe that Believers who live in the Spirit overflow with spirit and life. Jesus lived in His Father. Not in the law. He and His Father were one which is why Jesus spoke words of spirit and life and more: He was spirit and life.


If we live from the law we do not live from the Spirit. If we are rooted in the law as an entity and a culture, then for us Christ died for nothing as Paul asserts. When Christ is our life – meaning that we are the expression of His person, we live in what Jesus lived in. We and our Father are one. Thus we have access to the spirit of wisdom and revelation and we speak it.

If we live from the law we are living in the knowledge of good and evil – even though Jesus brought this to an end at the cross. Rooted in Jesus we are rooted in revelation and truth. Rooted in the tree of deceit we are subject to lies, distortions and the doctrines of demons. Due to God’s grace we can produce drops of spirit and life. Never rivers of living water. The existence of a world-wide educational and medical system is testimony to what can be achieved in the letter that kills. But it is bereft of the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Sure, one can produce a homily for any occasion under the knowledge tree. But that’s all it is – a piece of religious insight and a branch of the vine of the tree that cannot bring life.

Don’t accommodate yourself to dead twigs as a way of life.

We might think that we need rules and order for society to hold together. Actually we need him. His life as us to hold us and the world together. ‘He is before all things, and in him all things hold together’
Col 1.17 NIV. Jesus left us a legacy of life in Him. Not life in Christianity.

Jesus is the fullness of God; the true representation of who God is. To see Jesus is to see our Father and to see ourselves - as God is and as we are and are becoming. This is why we should seek to know a true Christ and divest our minds of a false one. Such as a distorted Jesus who is a function of the law.


The authentic gospel is always Christ come on our flesh: incarnation. False Christ’s are always a version of the law come in our flesh. This is a red flag that indicates that any gospel that promotes any fragment of the law is no gospel at all.

Some years ago reading
Leanne Payne I saw what she meant about the dualistic mode of the split tree of death. She wrote of the way we can be tyrannised by the good and the evil. Of how it can stand beside and over us, separate from us as an unattainable harmony. The law can never reproduce the harmonious development of the mental, physical and spiritual elements of our being. But Christ our life can.

I saw that in upholding the presence Payne was instilling the truth that we are not separate from God. In Jesus God is us. But Adventism is incapable of producing this kind of insight because in the law has separated us from the Light that shines in the darkness. But you are not separated.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

I know of no Adventist teacher or preacher who speaks the revelation of God today. It takes our new covenant relationship to do this - which is union with God. A law mindset annuls this because it negates the gains of the cross – you and Father being one. Adventism may give entertaining and insightful messages. None of them reveal the Christ of God in statements such as, “It’s not about receiving Christ into your life. It’s about living in the fact that you have already been received into His life.” How can it when Adventism’s gospel is another gospel in which the at-one-ment has never been completed?


You have this inheritance of union with God. But whether you really possess it depends on whether you have embraced Christ’s gospel or a version of your own. What you believe depends on whether you live from cunningly devised fables or in Jesus in spirit and in truth. I read this about temporal wealth today: “
While a certain amount of effort and discipline is required to amass wealth, the biggest distinguishing factor is knowing where to apply that effort. What we pursue is limited by our knowledge of what’s out there. The difference between two people with the same circumstances but different knowledge of their opportunities can easily be a million dollars.”

Where the Kingdom is concerned it is the difference between poverty and spiritual wealth. It is the difference between two people with the same circumstance. One who lives in Christ’s gospel and one who lives in ‘another gospel’ of the kind Paul warned of. Between one as a son of the slave woman and one as son of the Free Woman.