Why choose an identity as a former Adventist when you already have an identity as a son/daughter of God?

Real identity and real life will never be found in religion since it is never found in any form of the knowledge of good and evil.

You have a relationship in God through Jesus that needs no addition or alteration. In Him you are simply a son of God in spirit and in truth. As such you overflow with His Spirit and life and more: The trinity is incarnated in you.

You can do better than live out of a belief system and a religious routine of any kind. You can simply be a manifestation of Jesus Christ – a son of God. A human being who multiplies God’s life by being yourself and doing what you were designed to do.

God is I AM and you are who you are if He is your life. We really do have our being in God through Jesus. Let’s be clear. Any fragment of religion that we rely on to acquire life dilutes who and what we can be as a son of God in Jesus alone. Jesus did not live out of the law, much less live to support the law as is supposed. He lived from His Father. He and Jesus were one. Now so are you. Live from the inheritance you have. Don’t swap a flaky religion for another variety of mere religion. You have a life in God that is you manifest in your own glory of who you were formed to be as a son of God.