You say you are alive and are dead.’ If ever this applied to a body of Believers it is the essence of Adventism. It describes the first Adam who was lured into seeking more life independently of God. It describes those who live independently of God in the law and old covenant, separated - Adam like - from God. Separated and striving, in the  knowledge of good and evil. Striving to construct a righteousness of their own. Separation, the knowledge of good and evil and the flesh bring deadness of spirit, sickness of soul and diseases of the body because in Adventism, we are removed from the spirit-life of God and contained in our flesh. Jesus delivered us from the separation and death of the law. But Ellen White and the Pioneers un-delivered them selves and those that followed right back into the regime where Satan has sovereignty over humanity.


‘Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!’ Rom 7.24,25 ESV.


If this first Adam had really found life there would have been no need for the Last Adam, whose union with God has been gifted to us as our union. We are alive in Christ and one with God. We are no longer the dead in Adam, seeking to be godly through the works of the law. We live in Godliness today not by adherence to abstractions or attention to days and times but because Christ is our life. He has graced is with His life and by the Spirit, He is our life.

That is if we believe Christ and His gospel, the apostles and their gospel and the revelation of Jesus Christ through the scriptures and have not embarked on a tangent of our own. If we are on this tangent we are dead men talking as if we have something special when what we actually are hawking about is a body of death.

‘He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit’ Titus 3.5 NIV.


Jesus, the Son of God was God and lived entirely from His Father. The Christ of Ellen White is not the Christ of God. Her Lesser Christ lives from the law, is subordinate to the law and lives to uphold the law. Inferior to the law, this vitiated christ cannot be God because that is what the law is: A God constructed in the domain of the knowledge of good and evil. In Adventism's gospel the law has been made a god. Not by design but as the consequences of reverting from our life in Jesus in the Spirit to our life in the letter and the law.

Paul assures us that Christ is our life and that the letter kills. It killed Jesus but in doing so made our way of escape – so that we could live in Him, so that He could be our life and we could be one with God.

This dead abstraction, this law-based miasma; this witchcraft, is a construct of the knowledge of good and evil that multiplies religion and death. It is more an ideology than an expression of Christ. But we have an out. Christ who is fully God swallows up all that is dead in His life. Adventism's law hermeneutic distorts the scripture, perverts the gospel and promotes death as if it is life. Adventism is one of the most cunningly devised fables. It is a sheep in tares clothing designed by demons to hinder the sons of God.


Paul cites two archetypal women in Galatians. One is the slave woman who represents Abraham’s attempt to realise the promises of God in the flesh. The other is Abraham’s wife Sarah who stands for the realisation of new life and the promises of God in the Spirit. The issue of one woman, Hagar, down to this day has been turmoil and chaos. The issue of the other woman, Sarah, resulted in the eventual appearance of The Christ, the new and living way to peace, contentment and eternal life. Paul clearly states that Hagar stands for life in the law and Sarah for life in the Spirit of Christ. For this reason Ellen White is the spiritual symbol of the sons of the slave woman.


Adventism ignores scripture to seek life in dead Adam, superseded Moses and the misery of the slave woman – because it ignores the core of new testament life: This is the truth that Christ and not the law HAS COME IN OUR FLESH; that the flesh has not come in our flesh, but that Christ has become our life by the Spirit to live in us and impart Himself to our persons and families. Jesus is not only the way. He is the life. His life by the Spirit AS YOU!


Adventism has a history of ignoring scripture and concocting its own narrative. The Bible says, ‘No one knows the day or the hour of the coming of the Son of Man.’ Yet the Millerite’s and their followers claimed that they did – and did this by relying on their motley collection OF MISALIGNED SCRIPTURES to support their bizarre doctrines. Well, we all know what happened. Adventism began with a mistake and became a denomination that perpetuated a mistake. Adventism began with a mistake, resurrected itself with a bizarre rationalisation of the Investigative judgment, promoted this illusion as revelation and crystallized this into a denomination that became the Other Gospel of Adventism.

‘I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!"’ Gal 2.21 NIV.

Paul declares that to live from the law in the post resurrection age is to entirely annul the effect of the cross and the dynamic of His life in us by the Spirit. He describes the pre-Christ existence in the knowledge of good and evil as ‘this body of death’ and any adulteration of the truth that Christ is entirely our  life as RUBBISH AND DUNG. Why eat dung when you can eat Christ and eat life?


I have friends who enjoy a sense of satisfaction that family members spent the lives in service of the church. I too have family members who worked all their lives to promote this distorted gospel. They were not bad people. But they spent their lives in the service of a delusion. This is a gospel that contradicts the new testament record.

Paul announced that Christ is our life. Christ is ‘not our life’ for adherents of Adventism. The law is one’s life. Because of this as Paul warns, we abolish the vicarious life of Jesus for ourselves and our families.

Adventism poses as a Christian denomination. But it is not. It is an ideology and close to being a cult. It is a cult started by Mrs White and the revered pioneers. Adventists are convinced that their doctrines are Bible based. Not so. They are based on a distorted line of scriptures cobbled together by Ellen White and the pioneers and justified by all kinds of unlikely contortions. To be an Adventist is to demonstrate before the world that we do not know what God achieved for us through the cross and that we do not know who we are as a result. An Adventist is always a worker and never a son. Adventism lives in the great darkness of separation from God in the law.

Adventism makes a religion out of denying the cross, corrupting the gospel and suffocating the spirit of Christ come in the flesh with the law. Hagar is the archetype of life in the law and the body of death. Ellen White and her ‘Other Gospel’ is its realisation. ‘Since by man came death. By man came also the resurrection of the dead.’ But not so with Adventism. ‘Since by man came death. Since by Ellen White and those who congealed her teachings into a denomination came even more death - the denomination of the dead men walking.