There is no gentle way to put this. So here it is. Adventism turns the gospel of the Kingdom on its head, turns the cross upside down and annihilates all that Father, Son and Holy Spirit achieved for us in Jesus. Adventists are left with a different jesus who is separated from all that God has done. They themselves live in similar separation in a lesser jesus. Here is a little jesus stymied by the law and a lesser christ who was and is subordinate to the law. Such a christ is not God. But he is a false christ that is the product of a false gospel. A good start to grow as a human being is to start with the Christ of God.

If you are living from the law and asking Jesus to help you keep the law, you have been sadly misled. This is not the gospel of the Kingdom. You have been betrayed into a cul-de-sac or cave - a dimly lit grotto of deception seeded into the mind of Ellen White, by demons that later became multiplied as a religion. Over time this seed grew into a misguided denomination through the efforts of The Pioneers and those who never really understood what was achieved for us in Christ. Like His cross and heaven’s Pentecost for earth. The result was a subtle distortion grounded in the law. But what we are meant to be grounded in is quite different: Our union with God and oneness with Father in the spirit of sonship.

If you are a pastor in the Adventist Church, your responsibility is not to Adventism or to your Employers. It is to Christ alone. Your charge is bring everyone you touch into their inheritance in Christ - into life without limit.

Some children of the law are grim. Others are austere. There are also legalists who are jolly in a casual kind of way. They are quite pleasant people. But because they are in law, they are still only a shadow of their real selves. There is some value in the health message and vegetarianism. Unbelievers know this. But when Ellen White’s health message is a substitute for  life in the Spirit - which is never ours in the law - we have to ask if it is not better to be a non-vegetarian who is alive in the Spirit than a vegetarian who remains dead in the flesh. Adventism is a religion of dead men talking.

The law dulls our spirit, dulls our mind and leaves us sick in our soul. It breeds communities of the spiritually dull and the intellectually limited. We can’t live in a religion that separates us from God and think there will be no ill effects.


A law-culture encloses us in an epistemology of the head and the brain. Certainly as it is expressed in the culture of Adventism it has immunised people to the nature of spirit and the fact that spirit is the essence of Kingdom life. You have a spirit and it is the essence of you. It survives the death of your body and goes to be with the Lord. Scripture tells us this. It’s nothing new.  

‘Spirit’ is largely an unknown category in Adventism. You can share things in the spirit with an Adventist friend. But it slides right past them - a spirit filled prayer might be described as ‘from the heart’ or ‘a beautiful prayer.’ But its power was found in the fact that it was not of the flesh but of spirit and life. Grounded in the law we may encounter spiritual realities. But we just don’t see them. Law grounded people have minus quotient of spiritual discernment for this reason. You will understand this if you are acquainted with people who encounter revelation, yet miss the point and come out with some irrelvant interpretation from ‘the letter.’ They miss ‘the life’ because, ‘The Letter Kills.’


The Sabbath is the great icon of Adventism. It is the pole to which Adventist needles obsessively turn. But this icon - an idol is really what it really is -   advertises to themselves and to  all that here is a people do not know what the New Covenant is; what Jesus achieved for them; what His cross accomplished for humanity or what Pentecost means for life in the Spirit. Far from being the truth it is the emblem that advertises that Adventism’s truth is not the truth. And what it the truth? It is that Christ is our life!

There is little emphasis on the incarnation in Adventism because it is a religion of the will and the head. It is a religion of externalities. For the fundamentalist it involves reading the Bible, keeping the commandments and the teachings by acts of the will and Jesus’ help. For the liberal Adventist it means acquiring any piece of useful information and incorporating this into one’s life. But our life in God is not this at all. It’s Christ’s life as ours by the Spirit of Sonship. Adventism scarcely comes to terms with the incarnation because Adventism thanks the law -  is not one with God. Law separates from God and dulls the spirit of sonship.



Here’s the truth. God never abandoned humanity. He unravelled the distrust of God that Satan sowed and revealed Father’s real nature in Jesus. Our trust in Father is now Jesus’ trust in His Father - because Jesus is our life.

The genius of the Son of God and The Plan has been that Jesus revealed Father to us and and us to ourselves. To see Jesus is to see Father and and know Jesus is to know yourself.

‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ Col 1.27 NIV.


The atonement of the cross is that our sins are forgiven and more. We are forgiven. But this is not the best part. The best part is ‘AT - ONE - MENT.’  This part is that we have been drawn forever into the fellowship of the trinity and that they have made their home in us. Our sins can never separate us from God. We are graced with God’s forgiveness and graced with their life welling up inside us. This is why we need to believe Jesus’ teaching over the teaching of Ellen White and Pioneers.

‘Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV.

We can live from morals/law and be spiritually dead, without spirit and life and dead men walking and talking.

There is no life-giving power in rules. Neither is there in morality as beneficial as good morals are. There is life in Christ who is life itself (Himself). Life to the full and with it the lesser category of morality flows from His life in us. - This life comes from union with God, which you already have and always will, so long as we agree that it is ours. Christ is our life in every way. This is the vicarious humanity of Christ for you and for all. We can live in the law/old covenant and be defined as Christian, yet by doing so we have defined ourselves out of the Kingdom of God. In Adventism you can have a Sabbath Day. As a disciple of Jesus  you can have a Sabbath life.


In Jesus we fellowship with the trinity as daughters and sons. We live in their joy and are nurtured by their life. We are one with the spirit of wisdom, revelation, love and power. Our guarantee of fellowship forever is Jesus and our right to belong is Jesus and Father’s love that is satisfied by you agreement with Him that you belong in His Family.

The worst aspect of Adventism is that it leaves us with Adam in the knowledge of good and evil attempting to be good and striving to not to be evil - with Jesus help. What a monstrous perversion of the gospel! This is not the gospel of sons. It the routine of workers and slaves - the community of the sons of Hagar. This is the truth: You have a life in God, a life joined to God by The One Spirit/ You have a life in which you are a son/daughter joined to. God created and recreated you because He loves you and you make Him complete.