If you have broken out of Adventism’s identity silo, you need to know that there is more to a life in God than not being wrong about the basics. This is because there is much more to life being right, not doing sins and doing good deeds. There is no life whatsoever in the knowledge of good and evil and more than enough when we have embraced our union with God.


Godliness is not religion and neither is it things you do. It’s what we are. When we can accept that we are sons and daughters of God in fullness because God has made it so without our doing anything, we are on the way to being gracious human beings as well as growing into our glory as sons and daughters of God.

The worst thing you could do as a former Adventist would be to retain the Adventist mindset, the Ellen White view of spiritual reality and the pat answers to everything that are the consequence of being raised and indoctrinated into a semi-cult. The law is not the hermeneutic with which to read the Bible. Jesus is. The law is not the issues of the ages. Father’s love and your sonship/daughtership is the key. You can do better than eat good food. You can be an expression of the Spirit of God.


Living as a son of God with supernatural origins and an eternal destiny in the company of God begins now. Your quality of life and your state of being - the well-being of your being- depends on your embrace of the incarnation as a fact and your living in this reality. This is you living in the truth. The truth that by the Spirit, the trinity lives in you, because they like you and wish to share themselves with you.

Find out what the new covenant is and live it out. It’s not hard to do. It’s agreement with the fact that
Christ is your life and because of this that you are one with God and have an everlasting union with the Divine Family. The mystery of this is that if you believe it you have it and if you don’t believe it you still do. But you must grasp what is yours and embrace it. Those who eat Christ are part of Him.

This is like the anomaly of the Body of Christ. All belong by definition - but only those belong in spirit and in truth - who have embraced it as reality. Our reality is Christ or the reality we live in us the one we have chosen to live in: Distance and separation. Distance where we make religion out of striving to attain what we already have. And union with God where we live in the relationship Jesus has with God because He has made this our own.


Don’t treat Holy Spirit as an after-thought. Jesus counselled us not to leave home without Him. Thanks to Holy Spirit, Father and Son are in us and with us. The Gifts that are seen in Acts are just as potent today and are employed wherever Believers embrace Christ’s experience of power, rather than the authority of the scribes and leaders who have accommodated themselves to a form of godliness without power. I have seen people healed and I know a woman who Jesus raised from the dead.

Jesus did not leave you with a religion to embrace. There is no dualism in the life He gifted you. You and Father are one. You can make a difference in the world above doing Bible study and being a religious consumer living in dependency on the Christian Industry. Recognise fact that you yourself are the expression of the trinity where you are. You are a son/daughter of God. So what will you do? Live as religious newt? Or live as what you are - kings and priests of God.