As an Adventist you might be amazed to learn that human beings were not made to live from the law. They were made to live from our Father. People were not designed to be a compilation of qualities or even commandment keepers. They were designed to be daughters and sons. Our purpose is not to be a human doing. It’s to be a human being.
Jesus came neither to keep the law or reveal the law. Jesus came to reveal the Father and in doing so reveal us to ourselves.

It’s basic to Jesus’ gospel that He lived neither from the law or to support the law. Jesus lived from His Father, was one with His Father and was the expression of His Father. You won’t find a law-mongering gospel in the new testament. But you will in the Desire of Ages.

Christ in you is the hope of glory because in Jesus we are sons of our Father - sons not separated from God or sons in pending a successful ‘doing’ of the law. With Christ as our life we are sons in spirit and in truth and one with our Father as is Jesus.

The issue of salvation is not the law and who will keep it. The issue is the loving nature of our Father and who will believe His Son. Are you going to remain attached to a cunningly devised fable or will you live in the truth that now you are sons of God in spirit and in truth. The issue for you is this: Will you take your place in the the Holy Family as a son on account of Jesus or will you attempt to earn a place on account of your own attempts to keep the law?

Adventism, being law-based, is profoundly unspiritual. Righteousness was never a set of abstract principles of right doing and abstention from wrongdoing. Righteousness is the effect of the relationship between Father and the sons of God. One with God we are of His life and and the expression of His righteousness. Separated from God we are separated in our being, fragmented in our minds and captured by bits and pieces of self-centered morality and attempts to reconstruct ourselves.

To see Father’s glory is to see Him as He is. To live in Holy Spirit and be subject to His mentoring is to see Jesus as He is. It is to be liberated from false christs and to receive the correct revelation of His gospel. Holy Spirit steers us away from ‘other gospels’ and certifies us in the gospel of the Kingdom that is Jesus and the apostles teaching.

Righteousness is the expression of  ourselves as sons of God. It always was. It is again. We become God’s life as we agree that Christ is our life; that by the Spirit He expresses Himself as us. Expressed as a list we are either a caricature of a person or a pious pain. Expressed as the person of Jesus we are sons and full of glory. Christ in you is the hope of glory. The law as you is an imposition and a mirage. It turns you from a son/daughter into a dillbury.

The letter kills. It reduces you to a ninny by robbing you of humanity and Godliness. The Spirit gives life. It gives you the life of the Son of Man as if it is your own. This is His grace. You are saved by grace - not of yourselves. The gift of God is His life forever. His person manifesting in you.