Mary sat at Jesus feet. She loved being with Him to received His life. Jesus looked at her lovingly and said, ‘You know, don’t you that in the last days people will make up their own christs and their own gospels.’ He paused so as to give her space to receive the import of what He was going to say next.

‘Mary, why do you say you love me when you have not received me as I am. And as well as this you have acquired a different gospel – another gospel that differs markedly from the gospel I declared and my apostles explained and taught? Why?’

Jesus continued, ‘ Loving Me means knowing Me as I am and receiving My gospel as it is. To love and worship me in spirit and in truth, you must accept me for myself - never re-creating me in your own image or in the lesser-image suggested by some who claim to speak in my name. They promote a lesser gospel that is a perversion of what I and My Father have already won for you.’

Mary was not taken aback because Jesus never made people feel that way. He lived to draw people more fully into His life. ‘Sorry Lord,’ replied Mary as she sat at His feet and looked into His eyes. I really do you love you and I choose to give my love to you by receiving you as you are and not as the lesser-christ some have turned you into. I will seek your face.

Jesus smiled. “Mary,’ that so feeds my heart,’ He said. ‘You can love me by allowing me to be me and also embracing me as your life. By receiving me as I AM you will be living in union with us.

We have accomplished this fellowship for you - you in us and we in you. You are one with Father as I am one with My Father. There is no link between yourself and God that you must forge yourself. I AM every link and totally all you need for companionship and comfort with us and in us.

Remember that I am your life in every way - totally your life. As I live in you I will manifest myself through you. You will glow with our spirit and life. You will become more who you are than you ever thought possible as you live in who I am – as who I am as the Christ of God and the life of you. Do you see that in Me, you really do become the righteousness of God - as Mary. You become more than righteous. You become alive!’

Mary laughed at this. Not because she disbelieved but because she did! ‘I see what You are saying Lord. You want me to love you by permitting you to be yourself - your real self -  rather than a religious style Jesus depicted by human ideas and false-gospels. I will seek your face to know you as you are.’
‘Indeed!’ laughed Jesus. You become the real you as you participate in the real Me and flourish in My gospel rather than those ‘other gospels.’

Martha listened quietly to all this, busying herself in making sandwiches Jesus had not asked for. Even so Jesus had sowed a seed in her that would later grow into a tree of eternal life.