You can do better than ‘be in the truth’. You can even do better than ‘be in Christ’ in the guise of an observant Christian. Jesus can be your life with the result that you become a son/daughter of God – a human-being who is the expression of Christ. A free and joyful person who lives in the reality of who they are rather than in a religious persona or an idealised self. When Paul spoke the words, ‘Christ our life’ He was speaking of the prime new testament reality that is the incarnation of the fullness of God IN YOU.


By grace the life of Jesus is made real in you. In the gospel of the Kingdom you get the Christ of God with you, in you and manifesting as your real persona. Once you have made an unconditional commitment to Jesus – a commitment of no ifs or buts or how does this fit with ‘our teaching’ you will enter the revelation of Christ – of the Christ of God revealing Himself to your heart and spirit.

Unless we know Jesus in our hearts and in our spirit we cannot be said to know Him at all. The genius of Satan’s thinking is to have not attacked Christ head on but to diminish Him through false doctrines so that he becomes a christ who is not the Christ of God but a false christ adhered to by many Believers. In crippling the Christ he cripples the church. If your christ has been swallowed by the law you worship an anaemic christ with no power to make you a son.

Many worship subtle false-christs. These are the christs of our own imagination, our own conjecture. They are the productions of guilt and of our jesus – an alienated form of religion where He is made subject to the law and barely equal to the devil. But the Christ of God lived entirely from His Father, was one with His Father and is the real expression of our Father. Don’t commit yourself to believing for the rest of your life in a non-christ who never was and is not even now. Don’t be deceived by a lesser jesus of the great controversy in which there is presumed to be a battle in which Jesus is barely the measure of the devil.

The latter never was equal to God. His power is infinitely small in comparison to the Christ of God. The usurped power of the Enemy has been undone and all things are under Jesus’ feet. The supposed battle between Christ and Satan pre-supposes a level of authority that Satan has never had, while reducing the sovereignty and authority of Jesus to something far less than it is. No wonder Adventism sees itself as more vulnerable to deception than privy to the wisdom and revelation of Jesus. It’s not rocket science to work out where the egotistical notion of the great controversy came from.

The Christ of God, the Son of our Father is your Saviour and your life in the moment, the season and eternally. He is your substitute. The substitute for our flawed humanity, our many false starts and our often-feeble faith. When Christ is your life, you are in fact Him. Not as in deity but in the spirit of sonship. This is to say that the vicarious humanity of Jesus covers all you are, all you have been and all you will ever be. In Jesus you are what the Son is to our Father. You are one with God in spirit and in truth.

So away with your ‘cover-all’ pseudo-grace of Sabbath-keeping. Be done with your false christ of hoping Sabbath adherence will cover your imperfections and your body of death. You have a life in Christ. You are alive in Christ. His presence in your being by the Spirit fills you with confidence, spirit and life. Now you have a real health message because the spirit-life of God is in you and with you. Christ by the Spirit has really come in the flesh of your body and into your soul. You are fully equipped as a son/daughter of God – no longer a mendicant and beggar living in the law but a priest-king who reigns over circumstances, the Enemy and the many forms of death. You are fully alive because you are in the Christ of god and you and your Father are one.