There’s such a thing as the new covenant, you know. I’d never heard of it in my youth or in my middle age. I recall that a theologian, who could have known better, used the phrase, ‘new covenant theology.’ What I did not know at the time was that in using these words this man was revealing that he had never had a genuine grasp on what Father had done for us in Christ. It’s amazing when you see whole communities living in disregard of what Jesus has gifted us – union with God. Yet not so amazing when it is perceived that many teach separation as the gospel of the Kingdom.

Religion might be defined as compensating for the absence of God by activities of the self. In this category comes the kind of religion that consists of attempts to achieve what we already have: Union with God. The Enemy does not mind how religious we are. As long as we are running round and round our mulberry bushes doing what is essentially unproductive and meaningless in terms of the advance of the Kingdom of God.

But back to my youth. I thought the Bible was a seamless whole even if it was divided into old and new testaments. Yes. It does agree with itself and sure, I knew the new testament was about Jesus. But what I did not know was that the real difference was that NOW JESUS AND NOT RELIGION WAS MY LIFE. I did not know that now Jesus by the Spirit was my life and that my spirituality was formed from JESUS AS MY LIFE, rather than Jesus helping me do all those things one as a Believer thinks one should be doing.

Recently I wrote these words, suggested by Holy Spirit. ‘Why do you live out of externalities when you could be making them come alive out of me?’ We are talking here of the spirit and life that flows through us as sons when we are living in our new covenant union with God.


Life in the new covenant is a new dimension. Life in the Spirit might be compared to the difference between living as a robot and a living as a god. Keep in mind that we are actually redeemed sons and daughters of God and that our origin is heaven. We are sons of God. But we cannot enter this inheritance if we are living in old covenant separation. It’s like your Dad gave you an electric train set for your birthday and you never opened it, put it together and enjoyed it – because you did not know about it or because you chose to believe a lie.

‘Jesus replied, "It is written in your own Scriptures that God said to certain leaders of the people, 'I say, you are gods!' John 10.34 NLT.

By insisting on living in the old covenant and law we sentence ourselves to arrested growth. Caterpillars have a degree of glory that is pale beside the beauty of the butterfly. Don’t remain dormant when you could be alive. Don’t remain crumpled in the law and old covenant when Christ waits to be your life. Lets be clear about this. Christ is not our life when we are living from the law with Jesus added. The law is our life we are reduced because of it. Religion may come across as energetic and industrious. But the life of God is not in it. Any earthly thing that is alive becomes so when it is filled with the life of heaven. This life is spirit. It is the life of the Father in you.

Many thing spirituality is behaviors. Not the Kingdom kind. New covenant spirituality is a state of being. It is the state of being daughters and sons.

Jesus opened the way to the Father. This is a new and living way. It is His body or person. The life of God always comes from the personal – never from activities or things. The life of God comes from God. There is a stream of life that flows from the Father, into Jesus, through the Holy Spirit and then into you. God lives in you. But not only this. He becomes you by the Spirit. Just as a father is expressed through his children so our heavenly Father finds expression through us. Jesus was the human face of the Father. By extension, you are the human face of Jesus and the Father. You are who you are because your Father is I AM.

‘Again Jesus said, "Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you’ John 20.21 NIV.

Jesus is our life towards God and God towards us. In every possible way. Do we need to be intimate with God. Yes. Jesus Himself is our intimacy with God.

Can we bear much Kingdom fruit? We can. When we are live in the Spirit of Sonship.


Siegfried found himself in conversation with Jesus one night in a dream. He said,
‘I served 20 years in the mission field.’
‘You have been faithful,’ Jesus said t0 him. ‘But I didn’t send you there. You sent yourself. You did what you knew to do.’
Somewhat startled Siegfried replied, ‘ So what should I do now Lord.’
‘It’s not hard,’ said Jesus.
‘My sons are in union with me. My children know that they belong to Father, that they are part of His nature and that they express His will in being truly themselves. Only in me can you be who you are. Only in the Father’s love can you become who you were made to become. In me you do only what I mean you to do.’
For some reason the Siegfried went away with a big grin on his face. Then he began to dance. Then he went off and touched the frog who lived under the pot-plant near the laundry. Suddenly it became a prince!