There’s a line in Wordsworth that goes, ‘Trailing clouds of glory do we come…’ Don’t let it be said that Adventists exit from the semi-cult trailing clouds of balderdash and dodgy doctrine. There’s more to life than not being wrong. THERE’S BEING ALIVE!

Since the cross we do not live in the. knowledge of good and evil. There’s no living in a matrix of good deeds and the avoidance of the bad ones. Although this does pass as normal for thousands of Christians. Given that this might be ‘Christianity' it is not the Kingdom of infinite life Jesus established. The life Jesus graced us with is His life as ours. This by the Spirit in which the life our Father is manifest as daughters and sons. It will be seen as implied already that many Christians do not live in this. They live in religion. 

If the transition from religion to union with God could be summarised in one scripture it might be this one: ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is your inheritance. Accept no counterfeits.

People imagine themselves separated from God when the whole plan of God -  that succeeded in the cross and resurrection - is that all who believe have union with God. But it’s better than that. We have the union that Jesus has with His Father and that Holy Spirit has with Jesus. And the union that all of them have with each other. What you have is not a religion of externalities. It’s not the old testament with a ‘Jesus Face.’ Neither is it the law with ‘Jesus’ help.’ It’s a radical break from Adam’s experience of the knowledge of good and evil and a complete
goodbye to the law. But this does not meant that the universe will now disintegrate. You have the law of the spirit of life. This is the logos who is both the person of God and the rationality of the universe. It’s Christ in you. It is the trinity manifest through you. The result is that you are the expression of God - now we are the sons and daughters of God.

The Kingdom Jesus began is not religion. It’s a state of being in which God incarnates Himself in you and in us all. The result is the new creation - the new society that comes from the side of the new Adam to be the Bride of Christ.