In Christ we are made one with God. We always were sons. We were created sons and became alienated sons in Adam. We are re-made sons in spirit and truth in Jesus the Second Adam. In the new creation Jesus has become the new Father of the new human race – new in that He is a human being as the Son of Man and new Adam. New because as the new and living way He is both one with the Father and the way to the Father.

‘For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive’ 1 Cor 15.22 NIV.

The scandal of grace is that in Christ all have been made alive. The power of grace is that all have been brought into union with God. The scandal of Adventism is that due to their untimely resurrection of the law and the neutralising of the cross by their unfinished atonement, believers remain dead in Adam and cut-off from the spirit of sonship. Adventism is a dead man walking undelivered from the body of death.


Since the cross humans have been one with the Father because they are in Christ and Christ is in them. But only if we live in the provision of Christ and have the mind of Christ. Should we have our own gospel we live in alienation from God and separation from fellowship in the trinity. We have an inheritance as sons imbued with the spirit of sonship that we have renounced because we have chosen our own doctrine over the teaching of Jesus and the apostles. There is a state of being called ‘sons of God.’ John says, ‘
Now we are the son of God.’ We are sons if we have embraced our inheritance. We are not sons if we have buried it in the ground and chosen our ‘Ellen White treasure’ above the pearl of great price.

‘He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn--and I would heal them’ John 12.40 NIV.


Adventism is crippled because believers do not live in the spirit of sonship. How can they when they are slaves and not sons? Adventism is surrounded by an atmosphere – a spirit of death because it is founded on errors that have morphed into a denomination. Specifically, these errors are found in the specious assumptions of Mr Crosier in The Day Star Extra that were endorsed by Mrs White.

The denomination is burdened by death because it is founded on law and obfuscation. Even if present day Adventists are not aware of the specious foundations and non-gospel of their gospel, they live in a law-culture that is anti-life; a culture that impedes the new creation that is Christ our life. But it’s more than a culture. It’s a body of death inhabited by a spirit of death.

‘These things are being taken figuratively: The women represent two covenants. One covenant is from Mount Sinai and bears children who are to be slaves: This is Hagar’
Gal 4.24 NIV.


Ellen White endorsed William Miller’s ideas as of God. She asserted that his date-setting message came from heaven. She declared that those who remonstrated against the setting of a date for the second coming were on the side of Satan. Miller was wrong about the second coming, yet Mrs White had endorsed this message as of God. She upheld Miller’s ideas and her endorsement of them as superior to scripture. From the start Mrs White affirmed error as truth and truth as error. As a result Adventism is cloaked in a spirit of darkness and death that is the opposite of wisdom and revelation. As such it has become the home of spirits of confusion.

Adventism produces a culture of infants for whom the full stature of Christ is denied.
It is impossible for one encased in Adventism to grow up into Christ, to participate in the spirit of wisdom and revelation or to be an apostolic representative of the Kingdom. Apostleship grows out of Father. Never from the law. One cannot live in the Spirit if one has rooted oneself in the law. Neither can one experience healing of the soul because one remains in the separated life of Adam and separated from Christ. But hey! You are already delivered from this body of death!


The most bizarre and non-Christian attitude to emerge from the confusion of the no-show second coming was this belief: The at-one-ment of God and humanity did not take place on the cross. This was claimed to be the continuing work of Christ in heaven. The inherent gloom in this so called gospel of hope comes from the fact that this unfinished/continuing atonement depends on you! Sound doctrine declares that what counts is not your work but Christ’s. It’s not our performance. It is Christ’s performance that was, is and always will be your relationship with God, your infilling with His Spirit and the guarantee of your present fellowship with the trinity and your eternal life.

When reading early Adventist primary sources one is left with the disconcerting impression of great darkness; darkness originating from total ignorance of the achievements of Father in Christ; an abysmal misunderstanding of the loving nature of Father and gross unawareness of who we have been re-created to be as daughters and sons of God. No Spirit of Sonship here.

There is no understanding of the Christ come by the Spirit to manifest in the saints. Here we have the law come in the flesh to encase you like a crab’s shell assisted by a false christ who lived under the law to support your scuttling movements in the law. This jesus is neither the Christ of the new testament or the Christ of God. But he is the christ of the insecure and demented Adventist seeking certainty in a delusion.


There is no such thing as a frowning Jesus. As a child, I never absorbed the notion that God was a loving Father. Father was not portrayed like this because this was not part of the culture. There’s a kind of Christianity that is best called holy gloom. It’s closely allied to what a perceptive atheist labelled confident despair. The notion of a mostly mean and angry god who can scarcely abide his children because they are forever wallowing in original sin is found too often in parts of the Christian church. This is amplified in Mrs White’s correspondence. Christ is often pictured as pained and frowning and eager to shut the door on those who don’t shape up. Ellen White’s perverse viewpoints are clothed in obstinate and pious ‘christ-talk’ that are controlling and condemning. Layered on this is a smug assumption that she had a monopoly on truth. She had a lot to say about light for a person who walked in darkness.

Adventism has its obscure and obtuse sanctuary doctrine. There is a cleaning of the sanctuary, however. It happened at the cross.


Jesus prefigured the cleansing of the sanctuary when He cast out the money-changers with a whip of cords. There will come a time again when His people will be liberated from ‘other gospels’ and doctrines of demons. Through His cross Jesus put to death every kind of corruption that grew from Adam’s fall. Jesus multiplied in you and I is the Kingdom of God and the new creation. Under Adam and religion there was always scope for the marketing of religion. Priestly castes from ancient times gained influence and power by effecting to mediate god to the people through religion. They still do.

Some have their own gospel and kingdom. They effect to be mediators of life and salvation. Jesus cast these salesmen out of the temple. That was the shadow. The reality what His cry, ‘It is finished!’

Both the shadow and the reality signal the doom of Adamic life, the marketing of religion and of the purveying of doctrines of demons as if they are the life of God.

Jesus’ death, resurrection and return to earth in the Spirit to live in His people embodies the new creation. God is incarnated in His people who believe. From now on heaven’s life on earth is no more and no and less than Jesus manifest and multiplied in His people. The temple was cleansed when Jesus died on the cross. If you choose, you are the temple of the living God. By believing in the Christ of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit will make their home in you.