Jesus is grace and truth. There is no law that is separate to Christ. There never was.  Obedience to Jesus means agreeing that He Himself is our life. Jesus is obedience. Yours. He is your life as in your covering of grace and He is your life as the Spirit of Divinity that characterises you as daughters and sons. Today you are what Jesus was and is: You and our Father are one.
‘Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one’ John 17.11 NIV.
The beauty of being in Christ is that we get to be in God. This is so relationally and on account of our spiritual genealogy. We are the children of God twice over. Once by creation having been birthed out of the trinity and once by redemption having been reclaimed and united in an even closer bond in the person of Jesus. Since Jesus and Father are one we are also one in with our Father and His Son in Jesus.
“I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them’ John 17.13 NIV. The joy that Jesus had was union, continual fellowship and intimacy with His Father. God is in you and this joy is within you.
Yet there is more to our union than this. The entire universe finds its being and purpose in God. ‘In Him we live, move and have our being’ applies to the to the entire existence embracing the entirety of society and nature. We are not talking pantheism, but we are saying that the physical world along, with the social and biological realms can only be fully alive and harmonious in the Spirit of God. The logos – the law of the spirit of life - is a person and always was. You are fully alive and one with God and the universe in The Son. Jesus brings all things together in Himself – all in heaven and earth. Christ is our life in all ways – not just in matters of behaviour and morality. He is life itself.
In a recent post Francois Du Toit of the
Mirror Bible writes, ‘The Trinity and us. [This is] a Divine entanglement! Jesus the Messiah is introduced to us as Lord and as Son; also as the Word face to face with God from before time was.  Then Jesus introduces us to God as Father - he says, "I and the Father are one!" And, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father!”
The beauty about this oneness is that the one does not dissolve into the other; neither the union nor the individual self are compromised. Then, of course, the precious Holy Spirit is in the middle of this Divine mix with us all wrapped up in them!
John 16:7 says, ‘Now listen up! Hear me, my departure is not to disadvantage you; everything that is about to happen, brings conclusion and brings together what the prophets pointed to! This will be to your absolute advantage! If I do not go away, your Companion cannot come to you, but if I go I will send to you One to be face to face with you defining your very being. (Parakletos, from para and kaleo; redefining our original being in the closest possible association and kindred companionship; closer to you than your breath! Again the word pros, face to face, is used!)
In that day you will know that we are in seamless union with one another! I am in my Father, you are in me and I am in you! (The incarnation does not divide the Trinity; the incarnation celebrates the redeemed inclusion of humanity! Picture four circles with the one fitting into the other - The outer circle is the Father, then Jesus in the Father, then us in Jesus and the Holy Spirit in us! This spells inseparable, intimate oneness! Note that it is not our knowing that positions Jesus in the Father or us in them! Our knowing simply awakens us to the reality of our redeemed union! Gold does not become gold when it is discovered, but it certainly becomes currency! Mirror Bible John 14:20