Jesus meant to replace the law entirely with Himself. The law of the spirit of life is the incarnation – God’s Spirit in you manifesting as you. It’s not a law like the laws on stone, but is God in us, infusing us with His being. Simply put the law of the spirit of life is Jesus manifest as you. I’ve written this twice. This is Jesus as you – not Christianity as you. It took some time for the Believers to come to terms with the end of the law to receive Christ Himself as their life. It was just as hard for them to conceive that the entire law was done away with as it is for many Believers today. But there is a new and living way to empower a stagnant church. This is Christ our life individually and as the church.

Many, other than Paul and John, were not aware that ‘the law’ was no longer relative to Jews or to gentiles. (Neither is it to masses of Believers to today). So in trying to establish what parts of the law should be passed on to gentiles they decided on a ban on food polluted by idol worship, stressed the importance of purity in sexual morality and a set in place a prohibition on meat that had been strangled and from blood.


But this was not an instruction from God. None of it. It was a religious opinion arrived at by people who did not yet understand the absolute negation of the ministry of bondage. (When Paul speaks of the law of sin and death he means the
Ten Commandments) This is not to establish a moral free for all. It is to say that righteousness should no longer be sought in commands and lists. Life/righteousness would flow from Christ in you. The Kingdom of God would be seen as Christ in us.

Michael Kapler writes, ‘The only way to be freed from the curse of the law was to be delivered from all of it, not portions of it.

The law and commandments given to Israel that came through Moses was not a demonstration of God's love, because it brought wrath, death and condemnation.

The unconditional love of God was demonstrated to us by the death of Jesus Christ and this love has been poured into our hearts through the new ministry of the Holy Spirit who has been given to us (see Romans 5:5-8). If the system of relating to God through religious rules sounds like a familiar burden in your own life, you've been exposed to the "old covenant combo"
[also known as mixture]. We have a new guarantee in Christ and it is far better.’

His life as ours is better because it in every way represents us to God and to ourselves. Jesus is the stairway to heaven and the way of heaven in us. Law adherence will not produce sons. Under law we can be sons notionally but never in spirit and in truth.

If we remain in the old covenant mind-set we are without the spirit because we are living in the letter. We are in the law but out of life. In the scripture below, Paul is not speaking of the generality of salvation. His topic is new covenant life in the Spirit.

‘The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit’ 1 Cor 2.14 NIV.

Of course we do not have to accept the totality of Christ our life. It is a challenge for those who have made an entire denomination out of the law. We can live in bits and pieces in the illusion that we are living a ‘whole-person’ life. We can deny our inheritance, bury our sonship in the ground and persist in the burden of the law. We can continue plodding and make a virtue of working harder rather than smarter. We can duck our head and sulk because our religious routine has been challenged and our little identity routed. We can seethe with jealousy because others are enjoying their intimacy with God for free while we pay for it with our efforts. We can be ‘put out’ because we are attempting to garner self-respect in ourselves while others have it in Christ.


Look at it this way. Many people have found a perverse comfort in a disease that clings to them like a companion and which they could rid themselves from - if they chose. But they do not. They choose what they know. They embrace their disease. Even when this un-life is the opposite of ease and joy. Mainly perseverance and bitty righteousness, this religious disease provides motivation for plodders and an identity of sorts - even while denying spirit and life to the sons and daughters of God. Such religion is like a tenacious cold that leaves us dull in spirit and tangled in soul.

But you are children of the free woman. Born not in the natural way of attempted righteousness but in the supernatural power of an infinite life. You and Father are one. You do only what He is doing and you multiply the life of Jesus where you are because in the Spirit, He is your life.

But what does Scripture say? “Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son.”
Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman’ Gal 4.31,32 NIV.