An unconditional commitment to Jesus will reveal Him as He is. Not because we become clever but because He rejoices in revealing to us His glory and ultimately our own. He will reveal Himself to our innermost being. How many understand that we can love Jesus, be nice people, yet worship a ‘Jesus who’ is not the son of God and be be adherents of a gospel that is not the gospel of the Kingdom?

Jesus is not the son of God when he is the construction of our own fearful/carnal minds or a figure sculptured from a denominational mould. Jesus being I AM, is who He is. Having the mind of Christ means having the Son’s mind on who Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father really are.

Similarly the gospel of the Kingdom is not some regression to law and pre-cross living with Jesus’ help. It is life in the spirit of sonship that is ours because Christ is our life. If the new covenant could be expressed briefly it would be in Paul's words, ‘Christ your life. ’ Just so we know, we are meant to be living in the new covenant and not the old or a mixture of the old and the new. This because the power of a regenerated life is ours when we live in the resurrected Jesus who is not only personal resurrection but the resurrection of society. This is the new creation.


It's a sad thing to have an obsession for vegetarian food, when we remain dead in our spirit and crippled in our soul, because we will not live in the Spirit. What's the point in having a healthy body and a dead spirit? Jesus offers us life to the full. So why settle for a half life or a three quarters life? Death has no place in the being of the sons and daughters of God. Jesus offers us life without limit. Any limited kind of life is an acceptance of a degree of death and an affront to what Jesus has done for us. Degrees of malfunction in our being are called disease, by which we mean a lack of ease and wellness. They are in fact a partial death. It is the same with diseases of spirit and soul. Filled by the law and religion we are unwell, crippled and phantoms of our real selves. With Christ our life; the Christ whose spirit is in us and manifesting through us we shine because He has come in our flesh. We are incarnated with divinity.

Jesus transferred all of humanity from death to life, which is to say from Adam to Jesus and from separation to union with God. Today each Believer has an inheritance. This is that she has the same relationship with Father as has Jesus. Following the cross we were not only made one with God. God came to live in us. The spirit of Christ has become our life. This is to say that the person of Jesus is manifest in our being. He is both Christ our life and Christ our righteousness. Grace is not just a quality or disposition. It is the person of Jesus manifesting the nature of our Father. Grace is a life that is not yours, abiding in you as your life. Christ in not ‘like your life. ’ He is your life. Jesus is not only the Way to the Father. He is your relationship to our Father.


Grace is not just acquittal or a clever means of  helping us live in the law. Grace is a life in you that is not yours, that is yours if you believe. Grace is the incarnation of the Godhead in you. God is not restricted to a special place or a special day. He is in you and with you.

Christ is our grace. He stands entirely in our place in relation to Himself, the Father and Holy Spirit. To say that the law or morality or Christian values are the key issues of salvation is a gross misunderstanding. Performance is not the key issue. In Father’s mind you are! You are the Beloved Daughter, the Beloved Son.

The key issue is the excellence of our Father and the reality of our in union in the Holy Family as sons and daughters. The Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of you and yours were decided at the cross and made real by the incarnation of Christ in you. Salvation is more simple than many think. It is Christ in you.


There is no great controversy between Christ and Satan and never was. Satan was tipped out of heaven in the beginning and defeated absolutely at the cross. Quite simply he is not that powerful. While his power of deception and degradation is real it is small beside the infinite power of the Christ of God. The notion of the great controversy is not Biblical. You will not find it in the Bible. The source of this supposition is possibly the the dualism that is found in Zoroastrianism. The knowledge of good and evil of which Adventism is a proponent is innately dualistic and dichotomized life. In contrast those who have the Son have life. They live in life personified in the person of Christ who is the logos and one in which all things live, move and have their being. It is significant that in Jesus death and separation are swallowed up IN LIFE.

The real controversy in Christianity is the war between the truth of union with God and the conceit of separation. Religion purports to undo separation by human effort. The gospel of the Kingdom asserts that separation has been undone in the person of Jesus.

It is said that for every 100 People that convert to Adventism, 40 leave. This is a good number as Adventism has to be the most subtle non-gospel that has ever masqueraded as life. It is such a subtly bizarre revision of the gospel of the Kingdom that many in Adventism cannot make sense of Christ’s gospel and reject it as a deception. Adventism has a thing about deception. Since it is one it is continually obsessed with it, lives in its own reality and constructs the gospel of Jesus and Paul as fake news.

Adventism cannot be supported by scripture and when used as a template it distorts the word of God and makes the truth a lie. It parades a false and legalistic righteousness that negates life. It sidelines Jesus by replacing Him with the law and performance. Thus it negates His spirit and life in us making us a denomination of dead folks talking.

I remember as a four year old My Mum telling me that other denominations believe the law was done away with at the cross. It was. It was replaced with the person of Jesus manifest by the Spirit as you. It was replaced by the trinity alive in us manifesting their nature as our sonship.

Jesus came to replace the law: with Himself. He came to live in us so that we can participate in the personhood of God and be ourselves. Adventism replaces spirit with law and merchandises this as an improvement. But this is the kind of ‘advance’ that is experienced by an eagle that once had two wings and now has none.

Adventism leaves people  incapacitated as sons of God. It makes them invalids while marketing a gospel of health. Sadly the health message is a subtle substitution of life in the spirit for life in seeds and beans. All very well if you want to be a vegetable rather than a son of God!

Don't hope for the rejuvenation of Adventism. It will never happen. The law and old covenant ended at the cross. The Son of God was planted in humanity at the resurrection.You can live in the life of the son of God or you can live in rules and abstractions as a dead man squawking.

Adventism reads the Bible through the Ellen White lens and organises tours to Bible and reformation lands based on the Adventist view of history. The entire edifice of Adventism is a tower that rests on an illusion - the illusion that Ellen White spoke for God. The distorted gospel endorsed by Mrs White, that became Adventist religion, is proof that one can be a good person yet be the channel of cunningly devised fables from the pit. God did not plant Adventism. It is a tare that degrades the life of the unsuspecting, reducing potentials sons to workers and slaves. Adventism is a lie.

The Adventist experience supports the delusion that one is blessed of God because one has a worldwide system. Many think they are led of God because they have a ministry. But we are one with God when we are one with Him and His teaching. This means living the new covenant and not the old. It means not living in some bizarre law/Jesus hybrid. It means having our life and identity in Jesus and not in our denomination. It means not living in the presumption that we have some special addition on the apostles teaching to offer the world. We can be different because we are living in the uniqueness that is Christ our life. Then again we can be different because we have adopted a perversion of the apostle’s teaching. One is the straight and narrow way and the other is the wide way that leads to destruction.