Jesus shows us the way because He is the way. Heaven gave us infinite life in the person of Jesus – a Jesus not confined to churches or the devotional part of our day or the pages of the Bible. We have been given life itself – personal, loving and infinite in authority.

So why do some Believers entomb themselves inside non-gospels? There are Believers have been shown greater light. They have glimpsed the un-adulterated gospel that is the life that is Christ. They have wondered if there was truth in the idea that the law is no more; that we have direct access to God in Christ and that He himself is our grace and our righteousness. They have glimpsed the truth that in Jesus we and our Father one. But they are afraid to believe it. Or subtly too proud to accept it. So they seek security in desultory law-keeping and embrace the lie. The lie that this truth is a deception – far to good to be true a ruse of the Enemy to rob them of heaven.


To believe the truth instead of a lie requires a great deal of trust. It involves confronting the possibility that what we have believed all our lives is a lie that has been disseminated by the Father of Lies – that there is life to be found that is not in us or in our cherished self-made identity.

Here in this comatose existence Believers cling tightly to the non-life as if their lives depend on it. They grip this body of death so desperately that they are willing to degrade themselves in a half-dead life, rather than enter the fullness of Christ their life.

Paul intimated that anything that was not His gospel was a load of crap and by implication that any alternate gospel and Johny Come Lately Perspective is a compost heap of delusion.


The ability to enter life to the full hinges on WILLINGNESS; willingness to walk through an open Christ Door into our infinite Christ life. And a WILLINGNESS to close the door on a false life and a shrivelled gospel of half truths and religious humbug.

‘Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life’ 1 John 5.12 NIV.

Our ability to advance into glory depends on our willingness to shed the false christ of our false truth and be embraced by the Christ of God. There is a WILLINGNESS that can ignite our willingness and resurrect it to life and potency. This is the resurrected Jesus in us who is the Break-out and Undoing of all forms of inertness and death.


People can leave the dead half of their life behind. They can cut loose from the body of death and advance into infinite life because they ARE WILLING. People remain blind to life and to light because they are not willing and not willing because they have befriended their body of death. Thus they live as a dead body with eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear – because they are not willing.

We can remain a shell of person, inert and impassive through unwillingness to advance into the light, through not being willing to follow where Jesus leads and not being willing to take our beliefs to the cross and have them crucified. As a result we, along with our beliefs, never experience the resurrection of the dead.

When we are willing to believe the light and willing to believe what we are being shown, we are embraced by the Son who is life. We have left our non-life behind and entered the Kingdom of infinite light.