There is a reason why the spirit of life shines from David the Psalmist, even as an old testament person. David was so into God that he succeeded in bringing some of the new covenant into the old. But it was not being into religion that distinguished David from the also rans. He sought God’s face. It is being face to face with God that fills us with spirit and life. As earnest and passionate about God as David was, any new covenant person has more of God than did David. God lives in you. He didn’t live in David or any old testament saint.


If we are completely absorbed in daily living, it is possible that we have no real life or very little of it. If our doing is seen by us as a means of ‘being acceptable to God’ it is unlikely that we will ever be who we really are. If as a Christian we are using religion to make ourselves acceptable, to bring us into God’s presence, we are unfortunate. Unfortunate firstly because we are already one with Him. Unfortunate because our miasma of activity will dull God to us – not reveal Him. ‘True seeing is the heart of spirituality.’

I saw a sincere woman, steeped in the law, give a talk based on a scripture that was stated that the fruits of the Spirit flow from the person of the Holy Spirit. I have cited the scripture below. Yet this woman turned it around to say that if we were kind, Holy Spirit would come and fill us with Himself and with kindness. In her view, the onus is on us working up an acceptability with God by trying hard, to earn the infilling of the Spirit – exactly opposite to the clear meaning of the text. Law-moulded Believers interpret the things of the Spirit in terms of the law. As a result much of their treasure of knowing God and knowing themselves remains hidden in the field.

‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness’ Gal 5.22 NIV. This fruit is Christ expressed as us.

The religious mind and the law encased heart simply does not see. As a result it does not know God or know the self. It just remains a worker but not a son. Religion will desensitize our heart and dull our spirit. We become twice blind in this separation bisected religion. Let’s be clear: We are already with God, already in God’s presence and He in us because Christ Himself is our union with God.

If our life is about our life and our work with a tithe of time to Jesus at weekend church fullness will not be ours. Jesus is our life. Not an addition to the compartments of good and evil. There is no sacred and secular in the new covenant. He has made the two one. We are one with God or by stint of obstinacy we are not.

Acculturated in the law we will think the superficiality we have is ‘fullness’ in Christ. If ‘the Christian life’ has been mistaken for Christ our life with Jesus added, then we have disqualified ourselves from being fully human, fully alive and a being a Sons of God with spirit and life. We need to live in the reality Jesus created instead of the reality created by Adam. The age of Adam ended at the cross. The age of the new Adam begins when you embrace what already is. This is our reality.

The true perception of reality and an infinite degree of being belongs to those with an open heart, a relaxed soul and a flexible brain. This is the inheritance of sons – of those who live out of Father rather than out of abstractions.

Many who live from the structures of religion take offence at books like The Shack. In such books, thoughts that in the spirit cannot be contained jostle the boxes in which the people of the letter have contained themselves and God. But unconstrained imagination and creativity comes out of person and spirit and never from derivations of the law and its grids of conformity.

Books like The Shack and
Eve require a freedom from rigidity that is not available to those who live from the compartments of a belief system. In order to see spirit we must live in the Spirit and nothing less.

It is not true that ‘I think therefore I am.’ I am truly myself and part of Infinity when I am in God and a son in spirit and in truth.


The meaning of life is not found in law-bound thinking, in things nor in in activity as activity. The deeper life is not found in rules or structures. The perception of reality is found in persons. But not just any persons and certainly not those still limited to the categories of good and evil. Comprehension of the Kingdom, knowing God and ourselves and with it the ability to perceive reality as it is plus spiritual discernment come from one place alone. It comes from our embeddedness in the trinity; from the fact that we and Father are one.

The ability to live life in the moment and the season with spirit and sight depends on our rootedness in THE GREAT DEEP OF OUR FATHER’S BEING. This rootedness is ours because in Jesus we and our Father are one. In Him we become not only adults in Christ. We become the sons of God.


In his book, Everything Belongs Richard Rohr writes, ‘
If the circumferences of our lives were evil, it would be easier to moralise about them. But boundaries and edges are not bad as much as they are passing, accidental, sometimes illusory, and too often in need of defence or “decoration."

Our “skin” is not bad: it’s just not our soul or spirit. But skin might also be the only available beginning point for many contemporary people. Earlier peoples, who didn’t have as many escapes and means to avoid reality, had to find Essence earlier
— just to survive. On the contrary, we can remain on the circumference of our lives for quite a long time. So long, that it starts feeling like the only "life" available.

So are we contained in the letter of are we growing in the fullness of sour spirit and soul?

Rohr’s quote reminds me of a dream the Lord gave me about a law-bound culture. The adult people were depicted as infants with their colouring books in elementary school. They lived here as though this were the only life available. But their inheritance was life as sons of God.

We can host a home church in our house, have an overseas ministry and be an active member of the Country Fire Authority – and still be a fundamentally dead person. Dead because we have remained in the law and the old covenant rather than the new. Life comes from accepting, embracing and living in Father’s reality - the Reality that is already ours – the reality that Christ is our life; that He is in us and that in Him we are in the Family of God - and our spirits are alive.

When our core, which is our heart is joined to this fundamental reality our hearts will rejoice and our circumference – our externalities – will have meaning and with it great satisfaction and rejoicing. We are now instigators of spirit and life. We have been joined to the powers of creation. We are new creation life.