Question the Sabbath for many Adventists and you have attacked their identity, affronted their self-made ‘grace’ and dented their security. Sabbath-keeping requires little of one and has no real effect on one’s character, Godliness and standing with God. Jesus is our standing with God.

People leave Adventism in droves. And for good reason. It’s a dour and mean religion with an anti-life colouring. It’s a hotch-potch of mistaken ideas stolen from others and founded in lying visions and lack of integrity. Nevertheless, Adventists have been able to grow a large system
founded on fallacy and the notion of ‘a system’.

If we live in the law, we do not live from grace. The Sabbath ties every Adventist to the law. Significantly Paul writes, ‘I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!’ Gal 2.21 NIV. This could mean that Adventism is a largely Christless religion posing as Christian. It's actually a cult. The Ellen White cult of distorted Christianity and a mean christ. I say largely because Christ is grace and a spirit and pervades the lives of the sincere even when their christianity is cock-eyed.

Christ is barely relevant to the Believer who lives from the law because grace, holiness and being a decent person come to us from the person of Christ incarnated in our being. This is to say that Christ becomes us.

Jesus did not make a thing out of sin management. He presented Himself as life without measure. John the Baptist introduced Jesus as He who takes away the sins of the world – your sins. You have an identity in Christ that you can never have as an Adventist. The identity of a law adherent is slave or worker. There are degrees of self-effort. Your identity when Christ is your life is Benjamin, Mavis son, daughter of God.

You cannot minister spirit and life from the law. No one can in Adamic separation from God. The law was a stop-gap measure for the season before the cross. Since the cross we have entered the age of union with God. You are one with God in Jesus Christ. He is your life and your righteousness.

Adam birthed a lot of dead people - people dead in spirit and diseased in soul. Moses continued the schoolmaster that leads to Christ. The law led to Christ. Jesus does not lead to the law. He comes in your flesh – incarnation - so that YOU CAN BE HIS LIFE: Ultimate grace. Christ your life, the words of Paul makes you alive by igniting your spirit with spirit and life and healing your soul.

This culture based on a lie and a distortion of scripture cannot be sustained by the Bible, the Church Fathers or reformed Christianity. Thus it is reliant on time-servers not willing to preach the truth and leaders who are if nor intellectually dull are mediocre exponents of cunningly devised fables. If there is a religion based on
doctrines of demons then this one is it.

You can bring a few drops of kingdom life to others from a position in law and religion. You will bring rivers of spirit and life in oneness with Christ. From a standpoint in the law you can take a lesson or give a passable discourse. With Christ as your life you will speak revelation and impart spirit and life because you are not a dead man talking. You are spirit and life.