Jesus is the new and living way in which we escape from a religious half life to live life to the full. With Christ as our life we deliver new wine. With Christ in you, you are an extension of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Heaven flows through all you touch and you participate with Jesus in bringing His life to resurrect dead things. To be alive ourselves our life must be His life. This is the life of the new covenant - the life of God in you and manifesting in your person and actions. In Christ you are a life-giving spirit because you are alive for evermore in His Spirit.
John Calvin has a high view of the Lord’s Table because it is the sign of the reality that Jesus Christ and we are one. This contrasts with the minimalist conception of the Lord’s Table often held by legalists and fundamentalists.
Our union with God is not something to strive for. It is what is. It’s atonement and incarnation lived as you yourself. It’s the inheritance you have: Christ in you.
Some try bolt a Spirit-filled life onto an old covenant mentality. It can't be done. This is like attempting to grow a paddock of wheat in a saucer of water soaked cotton wool. It lasts for a few days and then fades from lack of nutriment.
I'm sad for people who have entered the charismatic world of the Holy Spirit and His gifts but who have not come into the Spirit of Christ. Why? Because hopes are not realized and they fade. They are living from Moses instead of from Christ. Adam has not been put to death and as a result they are not alive. It's disappointing to find people talking  Holy Spirit and walking old wine because they have remained in an old wineskin. Jesus is the new covenant and the new creation. He is the wineskin and the wine. All life is found in Him and comes from Him and is Him.
Frank Sinatra sang, 'I did it my way.' But there is only one way that is the living way and this is the
Christ incarnated as your life.
It's disappointing to find Believers who shortchange themselves and inhibit the Kingdom because they refuse to understand and come to terms with life in the Spirit.
Baxter Kruger writes, 'At a more fundamental level, sin is not about acts or behaviors so much as it is about the blind pride of the great darkness. Sin is
insisting that Jesus Christ repent and believe in us – [the proprietary gospels].
It is our secret demand that Jesus betray himself and pretend that he is not in the Father, that we are not in him nor he in us. Sin is our command
that Jesus give up his world with his Father and the Spirit, and
believe in us and ours, that he participates in our dream and
agenda, and our timing and will ...
But he will never betray the fact that real life is living in the Father's embrace in the Spirit. So he meets us in our darkness and sin and confusion, and his presence means that he is our Savior, working through love to save us from our false selves so that we may become who we truly are in him and experience real life.'