Some people have a passion to know. Not just to know routine or what their mothers taught them but to know why things are as they are. Such people make great scientists, superb doctors and discerning theologians. Some of the latter are genuinely apostolic/ They are filled with spirit and life and are the bearers of exceptional truth: Truth that is more than life. Truth that is infinite life.

We can if content with the travelator we have been born into continue in the mediocrity of the sub-Christian gospel into which we were born and socialised. But real life is to be grasped and it takes genuine effort. The living way of ceasing to be blind guides is Christ our life.

We need not be blasé about occurrences around us. Like sheep eating grass in a paddock in proximity to the burning bush, we can remain unaffected by revelation, by the astute exposure of error, the undoing of commonly believed fables/fraud or the discovery of astonishing degrees of life that are available to all. Why accommodate ourselves to dribbles of life instead of rivers. Or be those of whom Jesus said, ‘'You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving’ Matt 13.14 NIV.

I’m talking about living incarnation instead the coma of religion. When the Lord’s Table is  our life rather than a rite we are alive rather than un-dead.
Karl Barth wrote, “
Jesus is declared to be the son of God whenever He reveals Himself and is recognised as the Messiah … From Jesus Christ Paul has received—grace and apostleship. Grace is the incomprehensible fact that God is well pleased with a man, and that a man can rejoice in God. Only when grace is recognized to be incomprehensible is it grace. Grace exists, therefore, only where the Resurrection is reflected.” Reflected by being lived in us.
Some have been socialised into a limited grace because their foundation is the law. They think grace is for the purpose of coming to terms with the law. That’s a poverty view of grace. Proper grace is Christ our life, which is to say Christ for us and as us.
We don’t have to run away or hide in our parents ideas because we are frightened of the truth. Truth won’t hurt us. It will grow us.
Grace is revealed as life is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ to us and in us. When we receive Christ as our life instead of living in the separated state of christ our christian religion – we are resurrected from comatose Adam, set free from the ‘contract mindset’ of Moses’ laws and joined personally to the person of Jesus and by Him to the life hub of the universe – the trinitarian God. We are born again. We can see.
Why live a life of bits and pieces when you can live your oneness with God?