You are not compelled to be bound by a distorted gospel that robs you of freedom and joy in Christ’s provision for you. You need not tie your life in God to the distorted gospel that came from [Ellen White’s] “lifetime pattern of dishonesty; lying about "visions"; making up "visions" that falsely condemned others; controlling, manipulating, and financially exploiting her own church members' plagiarizing other authors and demanding the highest royalties from books she stole from them; falsely attributing all kinds of inaccurate, harmful, and racist views to God; and making blasphemous claims for herself.” You are not bound to a gospel that in Paul’s terms is no gospel at all and which turns those who could have been alive in their spirit into wood-piles of the law, rather than living trees of life. (1)
We are not compelled to live from an inverted gospel, one in which the cross has been turned on its head so that the christ of this gospel makes us law prisoners instead of those who are holy as God is holy in Christ who is their life. If ever there was a substitute gospel that is an expression of the knowledge of good and evil and that appeals to the religious and the naïve this version of salvation is it.
The history of Adventism reveals a consistent opposition to Gospel truth and a persecution of those who stand for the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. While there are many sincere people with a measure of Godliness in the Adventist church, the fact is that this denomination is more of a cult than a sect.
We can zealously oppose the
revelation of the truth about the Ellen White un-gospel of Adventism if we choose. Why? Are we too lazy to discover the truth. Are we so smug in our Adventist existence that truth does not count? Do we like the fake specialness that some seem to enjoy in this gnostic non-gospel? Or is our mind sozzled and our spirit dead because we choose to live in an opiate of the people instigated by Mrs White, Willy and the co-labourers of the spreading of the anti-christ illusion of the flesh come in the flesh, as if it is the truth of God?
We can follow blind guides because it nurtures our ignorance and carnality. Being a true disciple of Christ we follow Him and His Gospel and do not live to pump up false gospels and their crooked identities.
(1)  Steve Daily. The White Estate Fraud. Preface.