Christ's life is your life


  1. Jesus Christ is and has always been one substance with God. That which God has done for us in making us one with Himself is the outgrowth of who Jesus Christ is as a man and the truth that as Jesus Christ He is one substance with God.
  2. This is the very basis of the atonement and the oneness that is ours in the incarnation. It has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with the Fact that Jesus and Father are one -and now since the cross, we and Father are one.
  3. In Christ “Revelation and reconciliation are inextricably connected. This is one aspect of Torrance’s emphasis on the belief that “the evangelical and epistemological significance of the homoousion (μοούσιον) is that God Himself is the actual content of his revelation and God Himself is really in Jesus Christ reconciling the world to Himself.” (1)
  4. Arianism and legalism have this in common. They separated God from Himself and they separate us from God.
  5. God came among us as a man named Jesus Christ. God lives in us now as the Spirit of Jesus Christ. But Jesus is not just in us as a pea in a pod. He is woven into our being so that His person becomes us. A Church Father put it this way.
  6. ‘This day He who Is, is Born; and he who is becomes what He was not’ (John Chrysostom). The becoming of one who was not is you becoming a son in oneness with God. In the new and living way, you are a manifestation of the Christ.
  8. The post cross era is a totally new and living way in which the Christ of God expresses Himself in the people of God by incarnating Himself in their being. This is life in the Spirit.
  9. The law had done its work among the Jews delineating the bare bones of holiness, exhibiting the rear part of God while preparing the way for the revelation of God’s Face in Jesus Christ. Illustrating too that humans could not keep the law and that the law could not make people whole or holy. The law was a schoolmaster to lead to Christ.
  11. The law can of course give the illusion that it makes people holy. But only when we select bits of it by which to abide. Even then as Jesus said, we participate in the attitude of killing others even if we do not outright murder them.
  12. We can persuade ourselves that we are living a Sabbath life when we in fact live life most of the time pretty much for ourselves. People seize on things like the Sabbath, make a ‘messiah’ of it and clutch it to their bosoms as a form of false grace. But there is only one grace and one life that makes us whole and holy which is Christ our life.
  14. It’s possible and some communities do it - to side-step the Gospel of the Kingdom, ignore the apostles doctrine and develop a ‘gospel’ of their own that reverts to the law and claims Jesus as the Supervisor of the law - WHEN HE DID NOT GO IN TO BAT FOR IT, LIVE BY IT OR HOLD IT UP AS THE WAY OF HOLINESS. He held Himself up as the Way – the living way that graces us with grace and becomes our living by the Spirit. We are talking the incarnation.
  16. We are free to do what we want with Christ and His gospel but never free of the consequences of what we have done in making amendments of our own. The incarnation by which we mean life in the Spirit is the core and essence of the Kingdom of God. The ways in which His Spirit manifests in our being according to our individualism and culture is our own province.
  18. But we are stretching the truth when we undo the abolition of the law, reinstate the knowledge of good and evil and institute the Adamic/Mosaic life of separation from God and claim it as our unique variation of the gospel. Old covenant religion not only shades the cross but make the claim to be part of the Body of Christ somewhat dubious. Doubtful because being the Body of Christ is contingent on the incarnation – on His Body being our body and our life.
  20. It may be argued that we are objectively part of the Body whether we are new covenant Believers or not. There is truth in this but not a lot of truth. If we are not one with God in our minds and hearts and are indeed living in some kind of artificial separation we have created our own reality- a reality in which we are in separation even when we are not. This is why spirit and truth is more important to our sonship that doctrinal assertions and notional claims.
  22. Writing of the contribution of Thomas Torrance to Christian well-being Jason Radcliff observes, “Trinitarian Faith is absolutely distinctive among his works, inasmuch as in it Torrance explores the patristic theological tradition AS IT WAS PUT FORWARD IN THE NICENE-CONSTANTINOPOLITAN CREED.” (2)
  23. Be assured, any gospel that is not at one with the Nicaean Creed is not Christ’s gospel, not the gospel of the Kingdom and not a gospel that will grow us into robust and royal sons and daughters of God.
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