Jesus was filled with the Spirit. He made His Father known and still does. Holy Spirit makes Jesus known. The trinity are a divine enterprise whose aim is to ensure that the reason for our creation is accomplished in you and in everyone. What is this reason? It’s that God could share the joy of life that God had in the trinity with beings like Himself: Sons and daughters of God.

The revelation of Jesus Christ today comes by way of the incarnation – through Christ in us. It is the union of human beings with God accomplished by Jesus that roots us in God so that our branches and fruit are the effect of Christ our life.

The gifts of the Spirit and the anointing result from the incarnation. They are not a replacement for it and are the result of the interwoveness of God in our being. Our life in God if defined by the gifts alone will fade and die. The gifts are the result of us as a personal tree of life that springs from our union with God. Christ come in our flesh is the source of our sonship and the engine of the new creation.

Until the incarnation of Christ no man had ever truly seen or known God.  No, not even Moses, David, Elijah, or even Jacob, who claimed to have wrestled with Him and seen His face.  They had caught glimpses of Him here and there, but none of them knew Him nearly or dearly enough to become a proper mouthpiece for declaring His nature.  There was One, however, who was qualified for the job, and it was the Son, who had lived in His embrace since before creation.  As John says, Jesus lived in “closest relationship with the Father” and was therefore qualified to make Him known.” (1)

This is the Christ who lives in you and shares Himself and His knowledge of our Father with you which means also that He is breathing into life your identity as a son/daughter of God. 

There is no gnostic addition to the Gospel of Christ. No alteration in the truth of Christ our life. No dumbing down to a legalised gospel and a false christ. Apostolic teachers are those whose relationship with our Father is the relationship just described. There are no legitimate additions to the gospel of the Kingdom as taught by Jesus, John and Paul. Apostolic teaching today adds nothing new to this gospel. Such teaching defends it, explains it and reveals it in greater clarity. There are however revisionist teachings that pose as a fresh revelation of God. Sadly they are the kind of ‘improvement’ that leaves healthy people as cripples. Should you be part of such a culture you need to ask Jesus to show you His new and living way, show you Himself as He is and help you climb out of the ditch you and blind guides have spent their lives digging and sustaining.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (p. 52). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.