You will do better without an Ellen White Cult view of God.

The basis of your relationship with God is an already achieved union with God. This is a union that is has been accomplished by God on our behalf - not the quest of the ages or  because you made steps to Christ. It is the result of His quest to draw all people and all things into Himself. Humanity has been one with God since Jesus pronounced separation finished with the declaration, ‘It is finished!’ The at-one-ment was accomplished. All that remained was for this union to be energised in people by the continual indwelling of Holy Spirit and our living in the reality that we are inhabited by the trinity.
Now because we are in the trinity and the trinity is in us there is nothing ordinary about any Believer. In our being heaven is united with earth and earth with heaven. We and Father are already one in the Spirit. Our adventure is to see this realised in our persons, family and churches. And from there to be the new creation kingdom of God.
Brother Lawrence knew the reality of the incarnation and became the presence of God in the kitchen. The God of pots and pans is just as real as the God of nuts and bolts.
Because Christ has ‘come in you,’ as Paul calls it and because ‘Christ is our life’ as Paul also describes it, we have become the agents of the fullness of God in us - just as this fullness was in Jesus. Christ is our life yet the expression of us in all our uniqueness.  The old has gone the new has come.
Since the cross the fullness of life has been ours as life itself manifest not only as God in us but as the Spirit of life around us. We are now in our Father. Thus we live out of life rather than pursue it. We are life rather than defining it in theory. No longer are we in the letter but in the person of God Himself. We have become spirit and life. Now we live in life instead of the knowledge of good and evil. We are alive rather than merely un-dead. We are the manifestation of the God-head.
All of life is the enterprise of the Spirit. The Logos of the universe gets let lose in the Spirit, and in our material culture. In our barbecues and classrooms in the Spirit of Sonship - in the Spirit of God manifest in you and as you. The Christ has come in our flesh.
There is nothing unholy about the earth, the back veranda or the chicken shed. The nuts and bolts become holy because God is holy, we are holy and we impart this spirit-life to all we touch. There is no sacred and secular in this Kingdom realm. He has made the two one. All is the province of His Spirit and Life. Artificial distinctions from the Adamic realm of separation have been undone. As sons and daughters we have become importers of life to the full and exporters of joy and infinite well-being.