One of the curiosities of life is that there are people, many of them, who believe things – not because they’re true but because they choose to. This is the impetus of populism and Trumpism. Others think it ok to live from mis-information because their friends do. Being good people did not stop the Air New Zealand flight from crashing into Mt Erebus. Wrong information was in the flight computer.

Prior to the civil war in America there were slave owners who argued that slavery was good for slaves, just as today certain people assure us that coal is good for the world while others assure the faithful that their ‘other gospel’ is good for those contained in it.


Falsehood is good for no one. It is always connected to degrees of death. It diminishes us and constricts opportunity. Think the ‘father of lies’ and an anaconda squeezing the life out of its prey. It has been said that Satan eats his own sons. Aptly said. Yet those who eat the Son of Man have life and they have truth.

Once Satan leaned that Christ was life he set about seeding false gospels and false christ’s into humanity. Pauls warns that all of these bring a curse.

If we are comfortable in the falsehood in which we live and our life consists of developing fictions to retain what we call our life in this web of illusion, it has to be because we do not have the Christ of God or that we are near Him, but we have never let Him possess us. Why? We are possessed and contained in the identity and status that we imagine we have in our self-made reality. As such we are not all that different to Mr Trump and his followers and the others who in this season are trying to make a messiah out of ignorance and folly.


A pastor spoke at a conference we held once. He declared the truth as it is in sound doctrine and new covenant verisimilitude and the sad consequences of an addiction to one’s own truth and one’s own ‘gospel.’ One pastor who was in attendance became insulted while another gentleman averred that we will have to see how that fits with ‘our theology.’

There is only one gospel of the Kingdom and one new and living way that multiplies spirit and life. Other ways are ‘tares’ that are the depiction of the Believer who has been persuaded to follow half-truths, half-gospels and lies. There is everything to be gained by aligning ourselves with God’s Theology and the possibility of losing ourselves and everything when we invent theologies of our own. Richard Rohr writes.

“Those who demand certitude out of life will insist on it even if it doesn’t fit the facts. Logic has nothing to do with it. Truth has nothing to do with it. “Don’t bother me with the truth—I’ve already come to my conclusion!” If you need certitude, you will come to your conclusion. You will surround yourself with your conclusion.” (1)
(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 1696-1699). SPCK. Kindle Edition.