Are we offering the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles or are we offering a different iteration of the Gospel of Jesus, Paul and John? Do you know that Jesus is what you are all about. Do you know that Jesus is not an example for you but of you? Do you live the incarnated life? Is Christ come in your flesh or is religion come in your flesh? Do you know that a legalised gospel is a false gospel? Or that it is arguably not Christian at all?
There is no reality other than Christ and no gospel other than Christ our life. A legalised gospel that places law as the prime reality is a form of foundationalism that undoes the foundation of Christ our life. The foundation of salvation and peace in God is that we have been enfolded in the communion of the trinity by the Son of God.
Attachment to law separates us from God in our minds and from our real selves. There is a real self in you that came from God and self that has been conditioned by the father of lies to live in delusion. The original is yours when Christ is your life but slips away from us when we look for life in abstractions like law, religion and performance orientation.
We are talking here of a lesser self that is the product of the surrounding culture and climate of the knowledge of good and evil posing as the Gospel. This is why you are to live out of Christ and not out of a Belief System. In Christ you will have beliefs, but it will be He who is your life and you will be the expression of Jesus.
To live from Jesus with Him as our life is to live from persons – the three personed God of the trinity. To live from religion is to live from abstractions that are impersonal and desiccating to your spirit and your soul. It’s easier to live from Christ than from religion. Religion is external to you. Christ your life is with you and in you.
‘You know him, for he lives with you and will be in you’ John 14.17 NIV.
Your inheritance in Christ is an incarnation – not a religion. ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. You have been woven into God. This is state of being and personal fellowship with the triune God. It’s yours. Obedience and joy is living it.
Law makes a religion of externalities. For this reason, any system of religion that is based on the law is profoundly mistaken. You would do well to understand this before you die because unless you do you will live out your entire life in a degree of death. Let’s call un-life what it is: Partial death. This is why a glass half-full is a deceit. It’s quite possible to minister from a framework of the knowledge of good and evil without being aware that we are selling short the Kingdom Jesus began by a long way.
You can do better than drops of water. You can produce rivers of life in the simplicity of Christ your life.
In Adamic mode we can be quite unaware that we produce rivers of sand as a matter of course. Life in Adam’s knowledge of good and evil ends in the death of the body because it begins with the death of the spirit and the soul. Any teaching rooted in the knowledge of good and evil will be dry, usually boring and even if witty and humorous will be empty of spirit and life. Life begets life. Spirit begets spirit. Father begets sons and sons deliver the Kingdom of God.
Spirit and life is the opposite to law and death. Christ manifest in you is the opposite to this body of death. You and all of us marinated in Christ our life is the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is active where we are is the new creation.
‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV. What counts is Christ’s resurrected life active as you.
The new covenant age which began with the death of Jesus positions you in the company of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are no longer in separation as we were in Adam and Moses. Our radical gift and inheritance is that we and Father are one in similar manner as Jesus was one with His Father. Thus, His presence is not to be cajoled or manipulated by praise and worship or Holy Days and observances. We are holy because we have been joined to God and now have the capacity to ignite all things with His spirit and life.
This body of death is the law. Living from the law or religion we live from externalities. With Jesus as our life we live from our inner-most being and from our authentic selves formed in Christ.
Astute teachers know that life does not flow from the gifts and Holy Spirit talk. Life flows from union with God. Oneness is the basis of the gifts and the anointing – which is why the gifts come after the cross and not before it. Life and true knowing come from within our being when our being is one with God.
Francois Du Toit writes,  “We thought we must get revelation to drop from our head to our heart, but that's where we've had it wrong all along! It's the other way round; your heart knows much better than your head! It's from your innermost being that rivers flow...knowing with persuasion that you are God's idea; that you began in him and not in your mother's womb; realizing that Jesus didn't come as an example for you but of you; that Jesus is what the scriptures are all about, then you'll discover that you are what Jesus is all about!”