Should we choose, we can live all our lives in ‘truth’ that is not the truth and in cunningly devised fables designed with the one purpose of paralysing the sons of God. We can stumble through life with this bent message and arrive in heaven without knowing that we spent our entire lives in the thralls of a delusion that cripples people and makes them less than sons.

There is no ‘new light’ that improves on the Apostles Teaching.

Anything that is a reversal or extinguishing of the new covenant is not the truth and any theology that makes the chief issue ‘the law’ did not come from God. The message of the hour has never been about the law and the judgment of God. ‘The Message’ is that you belong; that you always have; that in spite of our alienating and distrust of God Father is the most wonderful being in the universe. He loves us and we are His sons in spirit and in truth. We belong. We are included in the family of God.

The Message is that Christ is your life and The Mirror is the person of Jesus. He is who you are and who you are becoming.

Here are some things you should know

The Catholic Church did not change the Sabbath. The vast majority of Christians never kept it because it was irrelevant to the incarnated life of all Believers.

We do not live from the Ten Commandments in the new testament age. Christ is our life and His Spirit has come in our flesh so that we are the manifestation of Jesus. Christ has come in our flesh. Never the law has come in our flesh. The key fact of the new testament age is the incarnation.

Righteousness is not the law or a list of behaviours. Righteousness is the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the law of the spirit of life. But this is neither a list and is not the Ten Commandments. It is His life in you. It is His life that makes you one, harmonises us with God and makes us one with each other.

The Sabbath is not divine rest for human restlessness. Jesus is. He is your rest and the world’s Sabbath in person.

The Sabbath is not our grace and not a cover-all for sin and short-comings. Jesus is. The Sabbath is not a ‘grace.’ Jesus is grace in person. The Sabbath is not your Messiah. No false christ here. Jesus is your Messiah and your peace. Cease using the Sabbath as a Messiah and join the Body of Christ.

The Sabbath has no mystical or magical powers. Writing books about the blessings of the Sabbath is like saying that Believers will be blessed of they grow tomatoes. See this as the nonsense it is.

Sunday is not a Sabbath. It’s the day Jesus rose from the dead and the day the new creation began. Jesus resurrection is in you every day. In Jesus you have a Sabbath life and are indwelt by the living spirit of the resurrection.

There is no endorsement of the Sabbath in the new testament. Quite the contrary. Here the Sabbath is described as a shadow of the real. The real is Christ your life. Jesus lived neither from the law or to uphold the Sabbath. Desire of Ages is fictitious in this regard.

All life always came from God. It always has. Today all life comes from Jesus. He alone is your life and your light. Reliance on externalities deadens your life and blinds your vision. Who needs that?