The law was a function of the age of the knowledge of good and evil, meant to last only to the coming of the Messiah. Then it would be replaced by Christ our life. Christ incarnated in us and Christ by the Spirit imbued in our being. The incarnation is the law of the spirit of life – which is not law in Mosaic or moralistic terms. It is the nature and presence of God in us and us by the Spirit of Sonship.

A legalised gospel is a negation of the cross and a denial of life in the Spirit of Christ. It’s not to much to say that it is a doctrine of demons that strikes at the heart of the Undoing of Adam. Another lie in that tradition of the Fall. The fall extended in the guise of a religion and a church.
About ten years ago I remarked to a friend that Adventism was a lie. Its gospel is not the gospel of the kingdom but a weird concoction of law and Christ. But not the Christ of God because Desire of Ages clearly states that Jesus Christ was subordinate to the law and that Jesus lived to vindicate the law and demonstrate that it could be kept. That’s not God. Steps to Christ starts off in a positive note but degenerates into a hybrid legalism in which it is implied that we can earn Christ and intimacy with Him by our performance. The author did not know the Gospel. Adventists are not the only community that lean into this kind of Arminanism, but they are an example of Christians who are deeply embedded in it.
It had not dawned on my friend  that it was a lie or why it is a lie. Since Ford, Adventists have been acquainted with grace of a kind – but a grace that helps people keep the law. Not the grace that is represented by the eucharist that celebrates that we are one with Christ and the trinity in His person. This is by the completed atonement and the present incarnation in which we are woven into God and God is woven into us.
What Adventists have as a gospel is the law extended beyond the cross, the atonement and incarnation shaded by bizarre assumptions and what could have been life in the Spirit reduced to the law come in the flesh so that the normal Christian life for Adventists is a life of woodenness in the law and the realm of externalities. There are not many truly spiritual pastors in Adventism – not because they do not have good hearts but because the law separates them from their heart and union with God.
Sabbath-keeping is an effect of the dualistic illusion that is the dichotomous knowledge of good and evil world view. There never was a dividing line between God and creation. Since the cross and resurrection all artificial dichotomies have been healed in the person of Christ. There is no sacred and secular because Christ is our life. All of it.
There is no Great Controversy simply because Satan is not great and the Kingdom Jesus began is not a dichotomy. The Great Controversy is not a Christian doctrine even if sin and evil are real. The truth is Christ and His righteousness and the undoing of adamic separation from God is more real because Reality is Christ. It seems it has more to do with Zoroastrianism than it does with the teaching of Jesus, the apostles and Church Fathers. Much of Ellen White’s suppositions are syncretic having borrowed from those who knew truth and those who were pagan.
Glued to the law Adventists are insulated from God and themselves. Still entombed in Adam’s realm of the knowledge of good and evil, dualism is the mode and Neoplatonism is the outlook that perpetuates a mind/body dualism and a horror of sex and pleasure. Many Adventists have grown out of this folly because it is anti-life and ultimately anti-christ. But the dead root remains all the same because the root is the law and the knowledge of good and evil with its attempted restructuring of righteousness in its many contradictory dichotomies.
‘I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.
If you have made the effort to compare the Adventist gospel with the Gospel of mainstream Christianity and the witness of scripture will have seen that this gospel is not the Gospel of Christ or the apostles. It is however the gospel of a cult and its leader and the coterie of naïve acolytes and those who across the years have perpetrated brainwashing via the Lesson Study, the marketing of the Red Books and the embedding of the lie that Ellen White received visions from God.
Now we know that Adventism does not come from revelation from God. It’s stolen from other writers and passed off as ‘the pen of inspiration’ and worse. Mrs White’s visions were phony and fraudulently made up to give authenticity to obsessions that were hers at the time. If ever there was a curse embedded ‘other gospel’ this is it.
Paul is blunt in his assertion that ‘If righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!” If many of us has taken the time to look beyond our socialisation and assumptions, we could have seen that this gospel was not the Gospel of Jesus, the apostles, the Church Fathers and the Reformers. It is in fact a dog’s breakfast promoted by the spirit of antichrist that produces a mongrel culture in the name of Jesus. It’s a Gnostic gospel.