A curious feature of Adventist conversation is the penchant to describe those who have diverged from mainstream Adventism as ‘Off-Shoots.’ It’s a curiosity because Adventism itself is an ‘Off-Shoot.’ It is so offshoot that there is debate as to whether it is a member of the Body of Christ or a cult. Whether it is a sect or not is also ambiguous. One might hope that a sect differs from the mainstream church due to a doctrinal variation on something that is not core to what it means to be Christian. Not because it has a different gospel.

Adventism is a different gospel. It undoes the cross, draws the Believer back from Life in the Spirit and deposits him back in Moses and the law when He could be living in Jesus and the incarnation. THE INCARNATION IS LIFE IN THE SPIRIT. Adventists choose to live in the letter even though Paul warns that the letter kills and that a life of the law makes Christ’s cross and ministry irrelevant (Gal 2.21). Adventism is based on the law and is a culture of the law. The law is separation. Oneness with God is the grace of Christ our life (Col 3.4, Jon 14.20).

Christ mediates Himself which is to say that Christ mediates God. In Christ one is not just near God but woven into God’s being. Joe and Jill are the manifestation of Christ. This is spirituality. Anything else is just religion.

Adventism’s Christ is subordinate to the law and is a christ, who it is believed empowers people to keep the law. But if this were so then Jesus Christ is subordinate to the law and therefore not God – which is not so surprising since Adventism is influenced by the heresies of Arianism, legalism and Gnosticism – the latter being ‘special knowledge’ afforded by Ellen White. Even when people leave Adventism and join another denominations they tend to take with them the cosmology and assumptions that have no validity other than inclusion in the writings of Ellen White. Many Adventists cannot face the truth that
her ‘inspiration’ did not come from God.

Recently I read portions of a thesis written about Pastors who leave the Adventist Church. I found the lines, ‘The Conference president informed a gathering of pastors that "there were many dedicated literature evangelists in the Conference ready and willing to take the place of ministers who resign." This is a gospel of the ‘Keepers of the Lame’ because it is based on borrowed false ideas and fraudulent vision and the perpetuation of lies.

One might assume that pastors with a degree in ministry have a reasonable intelligence and a theological knowledge that is not the possession of the literature evangelist who in most instances is not the recipient of high intelligence or education. Most sales persons aren’t. Cleverness, astuteness and theological understanding have never been at a premium in a church that has committed itself to brain-washing its populace through Lesson Studies in order to maintain a bent, law distorted hermeneutic that maintains a bent gospel. There is a cultural imperative to choose leaders dim enough not to be able to see through the lies that are the foundation of Adventism. It embodies a culture of deceit and dishonesty.

“Church leaders saw in Ford's attempts to bring the movement's theology closer to its Protestant origins a threat to the very existence of Adventist sectarianism.” They were right about that. If the new covenant is the post cross inheritance of the church, Adventism, tied to the law by the Sabbath has no reason to exist. Not when anyone who lives in oneness with Christ in that superlative grace in which He is us can live a Sabbath life and a life that is far superior as a manifestation of the trinity that surpasses the SDA skeletal body of sin and death.