We live in a privileged age. Jesus said John the Baptist is great but anyone who lives in the post-cross age is greater. Jesus referred to The Age of the New Covenant in which He Himself, by the Spirit would be our life and the trinity would be incarnated in our being. This is the inheritance Paul is speaking about in Galatians - the inheritance that the sons of the free woman have and the inheritance that sons of the slave woman have near them but have buried in the ground.


‘But what does Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son’  Gal 4.30 NIV. This is the key to freedom from the circuit of something and nothing and of dead folks talking.

‘Greater than John…’ Greatness was not to be had in the law or the temple. Neither was righteousness and Godliness. Greatness was being removed from the false categories of the knowledge of good and evil. Being as Gods was removed from lies and fantasy into the truth - the truth that the Son of Man was fully God and that the ascended Jesus would descend in the power of the Spirit to live in all.

This is why you are great. The triune God lives in you.


You are re-born into union with God. This is the meaning of Baptism. The meaning of the Lord’s Table is one lived oneness with God in the Christ of God. There is no separation in Christ Jesus. No separation whatsoever. In Jesus you and God are one, you and righteousness are one and more to the point you and life are one. You are joined to LIFE WITHOUT LIMIT.

Genuine oneness with God is not effete, pious or religious. It is human in the manner of the Son of Man and the Son of God. It’s incarnation. In the law our being is not healed. In oneness with God it is and undergoes continuous healing. Our incarnated life is the key to an integrated gifting and healing ministry.


The great thing about oneness with God is that we become one with ourselves and one with each other. One in heart like Jesus was one in heart, we do all that Father means us to do as ourselves and according to our divine purpose in God’s plan. His plan to have companions who fellowship with the trinity, flourish in their joy and participate in the pleasure of being one with them in the great projects of multiplying life and love into the creation. The spirit of sonship is the ground of apostleship, not in a role as some are called to be but in the general plan for us to be a representative of heaven – an apostolic representative in order to propagate heaven’s life into our worlds.


But even more than the dimensions of being one with Father mentioned above we are one with Father in heart. Jesus did what Father was doing - always. Not because He had a vision or a dream but because they were actually one. ‘
Only the Father knows the Son and only the Son knows the Father.’ This is not to dismiss spiritual gifts. But it is to say they are dependent on living from our new covenant union of oneness with Father in spirit and in truth. Gifts wither and are unreliable when we are not living in our inheritance as sons.


‘Knowing God’s heart’ as Jesus did, is part of our inheritance, part of the treasure of Christ living in our being. Abiding in us He shares this intimate ‘knowing’ with the sons and daughters of God. The point is, that in this manner we can know Father’s heart, Jesus intentions and be aware of what He is seeing without getting this through a formalised avenue of the kind that might be described as a spiritual gift. Yet we have this knowing because we have the mind of Christ - because we are sons in spirit and in truth. The best ‘knowing’ come from a state of being. The state of being sons and daughters of God. This is our state when God is our Father. Not our state when the law is our father.


Jesus said, ‘He who has the Son has life. He who does not have the Son does not have life.’ In the Son we are one with God as Jesus was one. We are joined to the spirit/life that is the womb/engine room of the universe. If we are in the law and the old covenant we are not in the Son and neither are we in the flow of trinitarian spirit- life. This is why we need the mind of Christ, the mind of Father and Holy Spirit. We need this mind rather than a mindset of law that nullifies our union with God. We must abandon the mind of the law. Rescind this union with Adam that places us back on our own resources in the dry river of the knowledge of good and evil.

The Christ our life lens, is important if we would be teachers of the word of God. Unless we are living in new covenant reality we are confined to the mode of the knowledge of good and evil and the letter: Dead folks waking and talking. Here no matter how stimulating we may be or Bible based, what we present is mere information. It is death. And so with the best of intentions we present a discourse of the letter that is our ‘mulberry’ bush that is bereft of spirit and life. The law is not suited to the spirit of wisdom and revelation.


‘Speaking in the Spirit’ means teaching in the spirit of sonship as a son of our Father. Here we are in Jesus’ stead as representatives of Him and doing what He means to do and say through us in the moment and in the season. What you say will be a function of your walk with God, your persona and identity and the expression of God’s heart through you at that time and in that place. Needless to say, what we express will depend on that to which we are joined. Joined to religion we will share religion. One with Father we will speak words of spirit and life. When listening to a speaker it is not difficult to tell on what side of the resurrection they are living. It always shows.


Don’t expect much wisdom and revelation if you are only prepared to follow Jesus to the point where He parts company with your theology. In this state we may keep walking but we are really just bones bleaching in the wilderness.

We are best aligned with what Jesus is doing in the moment when we are aligned with what He has already done at the cross: He has made the two one. You are one with God, one with who you really are as a son and one with what Father wants you to say on that specific occasion. What you say will never be ‘something and nothing’ to fill a space or an opportunity. Your words will overflow with spirit and life.